Find the BEST RV Parks, Resort, KOA, Yogi, Campground, Marina About RV Resorts, RV Resort, RV Resort description, RV Resort Amenities Find the BEST RV Parks, Resort, KOA, Yogi, Campground, Marina About RV Resorts, RV Resort, RV Resort description, RV Resort Amenities Find the BEST RV Parks, Resort, KOA, Yogi, Campground, Marina About RV Resorts, RV Resort, RV Resort description, RV Resort Amenities

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About RV Resorts

RV Resorts

Travel in Luxury with RV Resorts
Many travelers want to invest in RV Resort parking for the extra amenities, prime locations and options for long term parking. RV resorts have some overlap with RV parks but very little in common with campgrounds. The resorts are a fantastic option for some people and they have plenty to offer in terms of amenities.

What Exactly are RV Resorts?
The RV Resort concept is designed to offer more of a country club style setting in many cases. Many Resorts have restrictions on the age and type of each RV. They tend to have a more robust set of amenities as well with things like a gym, spa, tennis, racquetball, big common areas, dog parks in some places and even restaurants onsite. Resorts are set up for a wide range of stays but they rarely offer single nights. Most visitors are coming to enjoy a week or longer. The resort setting is similar to some of the really nice RV parks but they typically have tighter restrictions on the RV types allowed and they also have less guest turnover.

Who Stays at RV Resorts?
RV Resorts are a wonderful place for all types of travelers. The amenities offered at an RV Resort attract people who enjoy the journey and the destination. Full-time families traveling with children find the activities and amenities exciting and entertaining for kids. Possible options might include things like expansive pools, min-golf and playgrounds to ensure the littlest travelers are tuckered out by day’s end. RVing with Pets? Many RV Resorts offer impressive dog parks as well as dog wash stations with warm water to keep you four legged friends looking camera ready for the travel scrapbook.

What to Expect from a Resort
RV resorts are more expensive than most RV parks but visitors can expect more in the way of amenities, service and even grounds maintenance. Expect a higher attention to detail in a more controlled and restricted setting that offers a higher level of privacy. The sites are often larger with more patio space and a nice buffer between the neighbors. The WIFI often reaches the farthest corners of the park at full speed and full hook-ups are included with every site. Most RV resorts also come with prime real estate that places visitors in a very nice location for recreation and travel. Golf communities often have nice RV resorts but you will find some very nice places to stay across the entire country.

Finding the Perfect Resort
Searching for RV Resorts is easily accomplished through the Trip Planner or Search Function on When using the search function, simply enter the city, state or the name of a specific resort to return a list of results. Another very easy method of filtering for resorts only is by clicking the Find Parks Near Me option on the home page. This will show the advanced search options where you can quickly narrow down the results to only list RV Resorts. Click the Choose Campground Type drop down menu and set the filter to RV Resorts or RV Resorts (Class A Only). This will eliminate all campgrounds and RV parks, leaving only a list of resorts.

You can take things a step further with the Amenities drop down to filter for specific features at the resort. If you want something pet friendly, a pool, storage, horseback riding options or anything specific, this filter will narrow down the results. It really helps you find the exact match, perfect resort for your next vacation.

Reviewing Your Resort Stay
Reviews are really important for RV Resorts. Guests are paying a premium for the location, experience and the amenities available. Providing feedback based on personal experience not only encourages the resorts to reach a very high standard, it helps future visitors research to find the best fit location. Read the reviews during your research process and leave a review for each RV Resort you visit. It helps everyone, including the resorts being reviewed.

Plan a Multi-Resort Trip
Planning a long road-trip with multiple resort visits is a breeze with the RV Trip Planner Tool. Enter your start and end location in the planner to generate a driving route on the map. The route will also populate with RV parks and resorts along the way. Scroll through the results and simply pay attention to the names of each business listing. It will say RV Park or RV Resort in the title to designate the business type. If you want to take things even further, look for the Preferred Property badge to find the absolute best options instantly. This badge shows the top RV resort properties available along your chosen route. You can also save this route and return later to continue planning if desired.