Find the BEST RV Parks, Resort, KOA, Yogi, Campground, Marina RV Park Description, RV Park Information, About RV Parks, Learn About RV Parks, RV Park Types, RV Park Amenities Find the BEST RV Parks, Resort, KOA, Yogi, Campground, Marina RV Park Description, RV Park Information, About RV Parks, Learn About RV Parks, RV Park Types, RV Park Amenities Find the BEST RV Parks, Resort, KOA, Yogi, Campground, Marina RV Park Description, RV Park Information, About RV Parks, Learn About RV Parks, RV Park Types, RV Park Amenities

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About RV Parks

About RV Parks

Everything You Need to Know About RV Parks
The rise in popularity of RV Camping for family fun is undeniable. RV Parks can be found all across the country and offer an exciting way to see the sights while having all the comforts of your own space. RV Parks offer a great resting place for traveling visitors. Parks differ from campgrounds and RV resorts in many ways, but all have the overlapping similarity of offering a place to park. Mobile RVing makes it very easy to research and find the perfect RV parks on every trip.

What Are RV Parks?
RV parks are designed to host travelers for short and in many cases, long term stays. Parks come with differing size spaces to accommodate everything from small campers to large RV’s. They often offer a few dry spaces for folks passing through but spaces with full hook-ups to water, sewer and electric are the norm. The parks come in many different forms, but they are typically open to new and older rigs that are visiting on a nightly basis. Many will also offer monthly terms for longer visiting options. Expect to find a reasonable list of amenities at most parks with some even offering luxury amenities without qualifying as an RV resort.

Who Stays at RV Parks?
RV parks attract a diverse set of people with everything from families on vacation to full-time RVers. Snowbirds are not uncommon either, electing to spend a few months in different areas as a means of experiencing the best seasonal options. You will even meet people spending time in the area for work who want to save on hotel expenses without sacrificing the amenities. Many RV parks offer common area gathering places, restrooms, showers, a gym, pool, tennis courts and more. It all really depends on the park. You will encounter large, developed parks with a ton of amenities and other small, quaint parks with only a few spaces.

RV parks are often located near areas with tourism and attractions that bring people from around the country. National Parks, State Parks and even cities with concert venues, convention centers and other popular reasons to visit are all candidates for RV park traffic. You will also find parks spaced out along interstate corridors, acting as convenient resting points. Some are even attached to truck stops. The range of RV park settings is seriously diverse with something for just about everyone wanting a safe space to park with the option for hookups and some nice amenities.

Easily Find RV Parks on
The MobileRVing site makes it really easy to find and research RV parks. You can simply access the homepage and use the search feature to locate parks, campgrounds and resorts by City, State, or property name search. Using this search feature will quickly return a list of results or you can shortcut to the advanced search by clicking the button labeled Find Parks Near Me. Regardless of your search method, every listing will show the distance from your location along with the contact information and amenities.
Pay close attention to RV parks and services listed as Preferred.

What is a Preferred Property?
A Associate has visited all Preferred Properties within this website. In order for a Associate to raise a Quality Property to a Preferred Property, the resort has to meet most if not all of the following criteria.

Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff
Clean Facilities
Fair and Reasonable Pricing
Engaging Activities
Consistency of Service
Easy Access to Information
Site Spacing is Adequate

Using the RV Trip Planner
The RV trip planner is an excellent resource for researching RV parks, routes and stops for a trip. Type in your beginning and end destinations and a map will generate with the most efficient route and labels for RV parks along the way. You can save trips, click the park listings for more information and plan your general route while viewing the distances between each park. This convenient tool makes it possible to plan a route with well-timed stops in a matter of minutes. The preferred properties are labeled on the map and in the sidebar listings so you can quickly find the best stops along any chosen route. When planning your route, you can easily toggle between Preferred Properties, Preferred Businesses and Boondocking spots to allow you to make the most of your RV trip.

Always Review Your Stay
It’s easy to skip the review but you should always leave notes for your stay. The RV community is very tight knit and understanding the pros and cons of each park is important during the research phase. Your experience will help other travelers find the perfect park just like they helped you. Pay attention to the star ratings associated with every RV park when using the trip planner or reading through different business profiles. You can read through the individual reviews and you also have the option to leave your own review after visiting the park.