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Observing Memorial Day – RV Style
Observing Memorial Day – RV Style

Observing Memorial Day – RV Style
The last Monday in May is Memorial Day, it is set aside to commemorate the men and women who have died in military service for the US. However, over time it has come to have more meaning as the beginning of summer and the true meaning of the day is slowly, quietly slipping away. It is important....
Chris with his assistant
Working from the Road

Working From the Road
If you look at most fulltime RVers Instagram feeds or facebook posts you would probably think this lifestyle is like a vacation with all of the amazing sunsets, sunrises and gorgeous views. While all those things are a big part of it, a lot of our time Monday through Friday is actually spent wo....
Vintage GMC RV
GMC RV: Real Reasons to Restore

GMC RV: Real Reasons to Restore
The freedom of the open road—lots of people long for the exploration that comes with having an RV. For many, however, owning one seems out of reach. The cost of a new motorhome varies widely based on the brand, the size, and the number of amenities, running from $24-thousand to as much as $1-....