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Route 66, Limestone, Pennsylvania 16234

999 Kindel Road, 4 miles south of Interstate I-80, New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 16242

2532 Moore Bridge Rd, Brookville, Pennsylvania 15825

21823 Route 68, Clarion, Pennsylvania 16214

374 Shiloh Ln, Clarington, Pennsylvania 15828

8628 Miola Rd, Lucinda, Pennsylvania 16235

Take I-80 West to Brookville Exit 78. Exit the ramp and turn right onto Route 36. Proceed about 17 miles to Cook Forest. MacBeths is on the left, just before the Clarion River bridge. Campground is ac, Cooksburg, Pennsylvania 16217

114 Milton Loop Campground Ln, Dayton, Pennsylvania 16222

38 Clear Creek Park Road, Sigel, Pennsylvania 15860

From the east, take Exit 78 off of I-80, Cooksburg, Pennsylvania 16217

2761 Forest Rd, Cooksburg, Pennsylvania 16217

11191 Huckleberry Rdg, Knox, Pennsylvania 16232