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What is the best RV for full-timing?

What is the best RV for full-timing?

I get asked this a lot by people who want to full time and others who are just curious. My husband and I live in a Vantage 32FLS. It is big enough for us and well built, but it isn’t for everyone. We did a lot of research and looked in a lot of RVs before we found one that we knew we could live with – literally. Here are some things to consider.

Travel trailer, motorhome, fifth wheel, or van?
What you live in depends on several factors including your travel preferences, your living situation, if you like to cook, if you need a big shower, the list goes on and on. The best thing you can do is really think about the things I have outlined below and take into account your own personal preferences then go look at a lot of different RVs.
My husband and I renovated our van and lived in it for a while. We had a roof over our head and the flexibility of “RVing,” but it got small. We got a motorhome next and it wasn’t too bad except that it was made sometime around the time I graduated from high school. No, I’m not telling, but I assure it was a long time ago. That was a nightmare. Someday I’ll tell you the story.
We got our Vantage travel trailer and have not looked back. It has plenty of room, a big shower, and the bedroom has a door so it can be separated from the rest of the living area. Now, as you are deciding on your full timing rig, consider these things.

What are your travel preferences?
Do you like boondocking? Will you be spending a lot of time in RV campgrounds? Do you need all the comforts of home or are you OK with more sparse accommodations? These are all questions that will guide you to the right rig for you.
Some RV campgrounds and camping areas may not be able to accommodate larger or longer RVs so you need to take that into consideration. If you prefer something that is more like an apartment then you probably won’t be happy in a Scamp.

What is your living situation?
Will you be living with someone? Do you have kids? These are things to consider when you are looking at RVs for full timing. I don’t care how much you love someone after spending several days or weeks or months in just 250 sq. ft. of living area you might be rethinking your entire decision to full time (or to bring them along). We recently dealt with the massive flooding in South Carolina and were stuck here for more than a week. I love my husband, but our camper got really small, really quick. He even went and sat in the van for a while. Think about the space.
In fact, when you have an RV in mind, determine how much living area it has then go home and block off that much space in your house. Give yourself access to the bathroom (the smaller the better) and limited access to the kitchen, then live in that space and that space only with the person or people you want to live with in your RV – for a month. If at the end of that month you still feel the same way about full timing the go for it.

What climates will you be RVing in?
This is a biggie because if you are going to be RVing in northern winters you will need a rig that is more insulated. RVing in southern areas where the heat will bake you can be just as bad. You need to find an RV that has a good AC. Think about where you will be going in terms of climate and choose accordingly.
Don’t get me wrong. I love full timing. It is an awesome experience – but it isn’t for everyone. Before you jump just, make sure you look, really, really hard.

What is your best advice for finding an RV for full timing?

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