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Common RV Pests
Clutter is a huge attractor for most pests.

RV Pest Control: Pest Prevention

In our last installment I talked about RV DIY Pest Control. This go-round, I will talk about steps you can take to prevent some of the more common pests. Now, it’s pretty much a given that at some point pests will get into your RV – but that doesn’t mean that you need to extend squatter’s rights!

The best way to prevent pest infestations in your RV is to make it inhospitable to pests. Yep, it’s that simple. Sure the random roach may wander in, or some ants may try to invade, but if you use the tips in my other posts you should have no trouble making your RV pest free.

Find and secure any points of entry.

Gaps around plumbing, gaps in doors or windows, loose seams, any of these things make it easy for pests to get in. If you notice that you have pests, do a little detective work and try to find out how they are getting in then take steps to correct it. Even tiny cracks around your bath tub or if a window is open just a sliver it can be like putting out a welcoming mat for all sorts of creepy crawlies.

Clean and correct any sanitation issues.

Keep your drains clean, take out our garbage daily and don’t leave food sitting out. Even a couple of tiny crumbs on the counter can attract ants, roaches, and mice. It is best if you secure your food in plastic containers that are airtight. If you can’t do that, then at least make sure no food is left out and everything is closed.

Mice can get in and wreak havoc on a pantry. If that isn’t enough or you though, consider this. A mouse will release more than 1,000 droplets of urine every day. It uses it to leave a trail between its nest and food sources. So if you see evidence of a mouse you know that, a) it is crawling around and getting into all of your food – boxes and containers are nothing for the little critters to gnaw through, and b) the mouse has pottied all over your food. There, I said it.

Now will you consider putting all your food in plastic containers?

Get rid of clutter.
Clutter is a huge attractor for most pests. Roaches like to hide among clutter and come out at night to run across your kitchen counters, your dishes in your cupboards, and the food in your pantry. But if you have no clutter you have just deprived them of hiding places so a) they are easier to find and eliminate, and b) your RV just got a lot less attractive for the little freeloaders.

Don’t leave water sitting.

If you are in the habit of filling your sink and leaving it overnight or filling a pot with water to soak overnight, you might want to rethink that strategy. Pests enter a dwelling for three things: harborage, food, and water. That pot you left to soak is a huge attractant for roaches, ants, mice, and other pests. Same goes for pet food and water. You can leave it out during the day, but when you go to bed, pick it up. Roaches love dog food.

Flush your black water tank and use a good tank treatment.

Make a habit of flushing your black water tank and using a good tank treatment. There are some nasty things that enjoy residing in that type of environment. Moth flies just love black water tanks – they live and breed in there - and I can tell you from learning the hard way that there are few things more unpleasant than flushing your toilet and having several dozen moth flies billow out of the bowels of your camper. (Pun intended).
You can prevent pest infestations with a little vigilance and just keeping things clean. Inspect any furniture you bring in, especially electronic equipment – roaches love them. Also check your grocery store bags and things you pick up at yard sales or thrift stores. Opportunistic insects will catch a ride on just about anything – and land in your RV. So pull up the welcome mat and turn off the porch light. Let those critters know they aren’t welcome!

What is your best pest prevention tip? Let us know in the comments!

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