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How to Control Mosquitoes at your Campsite

How to Control Mosquitoes at your Campsite

By Stephanie A. Mayberry

This country has experienced record breaking rainfall in several regions this year and while some may welcome the moisture, it does bring some unwanted visitors – mosquitoes. These little suckers (blood suckers that is) thrive in areas with dense vegetation and shade.

Hmmm, does that sound like your campsite? Do you enjoy sitting outside, enjoying nature, maybe with a couple of steaks on the grill, yet you feel like the mosquitoes are going to carry you off? If so, read on to find out how to control them or at least keep them at a minimum.

Spray foliage with a pest control chemical like DEET or some pesticide.
You can spray some pesticide around your immediate area, concentrating on the foliage that is closest to you. In truth, though, that may not do a whole lot. It may work for a while, but mosquitoes don’t stay in one location, they travel. This means that the mosquitoes that are several sites over will probably eventually find their way to your site. The DEET, which is a repellant, may hold them off for a while though.

Use a fan.
Mosquitoes can fly but they are terrible at it. You can use that to your advantage by using a fan and blowing it across the area where you will be sitting. It should be just enough to disrupt their flying and they will avoid the area because they feel off balance. If you don’t have electricity, hope for a good, steady breeze.

Wear insect repellant.
Insect repellant does work; my husband is a pest control professional and he swears by Avon’s Skin So Soft. Cover all exposed areas including your face with the repellant. You might want to light up some citronella candles – it never hurts to double up on protection.

Use citronella candles.
These are pretty effective when it comes to repelling mosquitoes. Just place them along the perimeter of where you will be, a couple of feet apart, and light up.

Stay in a well-lit area as far away from foliage as possible.
That may be impossible at most campsites, but that is a good way to stay away from mosquitoes since they prefer dense vegetation and lots of shade. Better double up with some good insect repellant just to be on the safe side.

Use a gravid trap.
These types of traps are used by agencies like the CDC to collect mosquito specimens for observation and study. However, they are also very handy when you want to draw mosquitoes away from where you are. Place it at the extreme edge of your area – if you can put it in a shady area that is even better. The females (the primary pests) will be drawn to the trap and caught. You can purchase a gravid trap, or I found an article on Reddit that tells how to make a gravid trap.

Don’t cook near your camper if you use a propane grill.
When you use your propane grill it produces Co2. Mosquitoes are attracted to Co2 – do the math. If you can, do your grilling as far away as possible from where you will be sitting. If you are cooking under your awning you might as well put out a welcome mat for the little critters.

Are any of these methods 100 percent effective, of course not, it’s a campsite. Nature will not be tamed. It can be corralled though – well, a little bit anyway. Carry on but watch the size of the footprint you leave. Remember, you are camping in their backyard.

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