Gettysburg Battlefield Resort

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Gettysburg Battlefield Resort

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1960 Emmitsburg Rd, Gettysburg, PA 17325

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Gettysburg Battlefield Resort Reviews

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RhondaH Apr 23 , 2019

Run For Your Life!!!!

Our stay at this campground left us looking for a way out of our commitment before we could even get set up. Within 45 min of our arrival we received a ?bye, thanks for coming, see you next time? email. Upon arrival our site was SUPER muddy and we had a VERY hard time getting settled in. Our water and electric hook ups were across a little ditch at the back of our lot which we were located on the back side of the campground in what I?d like to refer to as the ?RV graveyard ?. (I honestly think some of the soldiers who fought in the Battle of Gettysburg left their RVs there for storage and have started growing mold, mildew and God knows what else). Needless to say we were placed in the storage area of the campground which was NOT a pretty view AT ALL. Another camper had been booked to stay on the site we were on at the same time of our stay and had to be placed somewhere else because of being double booked. At the time of our stay, there was NO WiFi and NO cable hookup. We couldn?t even pick up local tv stations on our antenna tv!!!!! When it rained, the ditch behind us would flood 8ft outside it?s bank and flooded our site (we were surrounded by water). We had to have staff come and dig a trench to drain off the water! That being said the staff was very nice and friendly. I am all for camping and making new friends but the folks they kept putting beside us were SUPER LOUD and all over our camper. At one point one of the campers staying beside us was sitting in a chair outside of our camper and if his chair would have reclined, he would have been sitting INSIDE our camper! (He was sitting that close to the outside wall of our camper!) We were definitely ?roughing it,? but NOT by choice!!!


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