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Everflowing Waters Campground Reviews

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Everflowing Waters Campground

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5481 Brackett Rd, Williamsburg, MI 49690

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Everflowing Waters Campground Reviews

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cslyon32 Aug 17 , 2017

Extremely rude owners, worst experience ever.

Im going to preface this by saying that I have been camping my entire life. I have camped in everything from a tent to a class A motorhome. My grandfather has been full time RVing since I was in grade school and my parents have had an RV since I was in Jr high. My girlfriend and I recently bought my grandfather's truck and fifth wheel to full time in. This was our first real night of staying in it on the road. From very start the owners (and older couple) we're very rude. Upon arrival I stopped at the office (the back patio) and stated my name and that I had a reservation. The old man came over and said "remind me what we are doing'. I started to explain the length of my RV and number of vehicles and how many would be staying, he interrupts me mid sentence and says " well for how long a day, a week, a year!?". I said "one night" ????. He said " well pull over the the pull through site" ( these site we're not pull through, especially since he demanded I back out of the site when I leave!). We pulled the RV around and he demanded I park a certain way, (he was giving me hand signals) and the water and electric we're on the opposite side of the RV from were they should be. My girlfriend get out of the truck and the guy asks how long have we had the rv. She tells him it's been about a week. He says " still time to return it" then leaves. I set up camp. I change clothes. Everyone else with me gets ready and we go into town. We get back probably after nine and go to sleep. In the morning I start packing up camp. It was about eleven when I'm just about to finish. The old man walks tover to the site says some snide remarks to my father. Then asks (very politely this time) if he can talk to me for a minute. I say"well of course" I have no idea what he wants. Then he hits me with a 180, and becomes hostile and accusing me of trying to cheat him! I'm trying to figure out what the heck he is going on about while he keeps making remarks and insulting me and my intelligence and his wife buts in about how "they make the rules there" . I had emailed him about a week prior for a reservation and that I had a passport America membership. I thought I had given him my credit card number to hold the reservation (which is what many parks do) so when we got there and he directed us to the site and then just left and started carrying wheel barrel loads from one end of the park to the other I didn't think anything of it. Long story short he doesn't honor my passport America discount, over charges me and insults me. He says I should have just come over to his house uninvited and paid. What the heck? Why would I just randomly go into someone's house? He never said "just come over when you're done setting up camp" or anything like that. But I'm the one who is an idiot? No way to run a business. I have no idea how anyone could go back to that park and deal with those people. It's a tiny park and definitely not worth the money, even if I did get the discount. I'd rather boondocks at Walmart. There are similar reviews on Google. It really says something when you have more one star reviews than any other rating.


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