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Making sure you have pure, good-quality water coming out of your RV's faucet can seem like a full-time job. While traveling, you probably fill your fresh-water tank whenever you reach a convenient source. Though lots of RV parks offer municipal water, many others provide water from reservoirs or wells located on the premises. Plus, if you only fire....

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Ask any seasoned RVer, and he or she will almost certainly tell you just how useful a roof vent can be. Fortunately, most RVs come out of the factory equipped with one of these handy little fans. However, some are missing this feature.
If your trailer or motorhome is one of the models that doesn’t come off the lot equipped wi....

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We recently celebrated our one year anniversary of being fulltime RVers and I’ve got to say for the most part it has been pretty amazing. Of course, no lifestyle is perfect and all adventures have ups and downs. Overall, we do feel like the positive aspects far outweigh the negatives. Here are a couple of our least favorite things about RV life.


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Perhaps the perfect invention, the composting toilet might be the fulltime RVer’s new best friend. Who is it good for? Well, like most composting options, it is loved by environmentalists. It is prized by those who grow their own food on the road. Plus, it’s a lifesaver for the boondocker who is concerned about having enough water. A dry compos....

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The adage states that a man is only as good as his tools. Although I’m more likely to make do with whatever is at hand, there are some jobs that require specific equipment to adequately handle them. Plus, it seems like any time we’ve found ourselves on the side of the road with vehicular problems, the tool we need is the one we don’t have. Th....

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Mold is a common problem in RVs. Take a cruise through some RV forums and you’ll find befuddled RVers seeking answers to mold, mildew, and dampness issues. Make no mistake, it can be a real problem. Mold can exacerbate certain respiratory issues and cause others. You don’t want to play with it.

I’ve shared in the past my own story with a moldy RV.....

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Many an RVer has a story or two of how another RVer has helped out in a pinch. This is one of those.

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We were at a Thousand Trails park near the Russian River. (near, not in sight of.) It was hot and dusty and with no river in view and my cranky self had had enough and wanted outta there! So my wise....

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With our jaws locked tight from clenching our teeth the whole way, we finally made it safely to West Yellowstone. The van hadn’t died on us the whole way, but we knew it was just a matter of time and we had lined up an appointment with one of the few mechanics willing to take a look at the Wander Wagon.

We explained what we had been dealing with ....

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For most of the USA, summer is here and that brings temperatures up beyond the comfort level. Running your AC for long hours can become expensive and having to use your generator can make for unhappy neighbors. Here are some tips for keeping your coach cool without having to run your AC all day.

Location, Location, Location
When picking a spot at th....