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Since day one, Teresa and I have committed to both be involved in our RV set up and breakdown. A part of this comes from our former careers where we backed up others in our processes. So, when we bought our first motorhome to today’s tag axle motor coach, we both know the processes. One of those is still foreign to many women we meet on the road ....

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Nobody likes getting sick or injured. It’s uncomfortable, inconvenient, and potentially costly. This is even more the case when you are a full-time traveler without a permanent residence or at least miles away from it. How do you seek medical assistance for something short of an emergency? How do you handle the associated expenses? Will your insura....

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Our new life on the road had led to some of our greatest adventures, but we had no idea we were about to embark on an even bigger one. After leaving Duluth, MN, Corbin and I made our way over to Milwaukee, WI where we learned some very exciting news.

I had been experiencing some symptoms during the past couple of weeks that made me suspect someth....

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I recently had a pretty scary thing happen to me and it got me thinking about medical emergencies while away from home. Granted, we have been here in Charleston for a few months, but neither of us has needed an emergency room or even a doctor for that matter. So when I found myself facing a rather serious medical emergency, I realized that I was il....