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In addition to many great RV Resorts, we like staying at Walmarts, truck stops, and other parking lots when we are traveling. They are convenient and have many services we might need for a quick overnight stop. Each new parking lot brings the same question: can we extend our slides? In the RV world, whether or not to extend one or more slides is ki....

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Over the last couple of years, we have been camp hosts at several RV parks. This has given us a chance to gather a mental list of things that can help make your next RV Park experience a positive one!

Please drive slow.
Speed limit signs are generally posted at every park. The park map, typically presented at check in, usually posts the speed limit....

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For many RVers, the bathhouse is a place of mystery. They choose to stick to their tiny RV bathrooms and skip the public restrooms altogether. However, if you are like me, you might prefer the nice water pressure, space to move around, and large quantity of hot water that the typical bathhouse offers. These things are not found in our RV at all, so....

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Have you ever wondered what campground owners wish their guests would know, but hold off on revealing to be welcoming or polite? Campground owners want their guests to have a good time and often refuse to air their pet peeves for visitors, but knowing these tips can help you and everyone else have a better time camping. Here are some of the secrets....

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Now that summer is upon us folks are dusting off their RVs and travel trailers for family vacations and adventurous weekends. As the campgrounds get filled I thought it might be nice to provide a gentle reminder of a few rules of etiquette that might come in handy.

1. Follow the rules of the campground. Just about every campground has their own set ....

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I thought that this week would talk about something a little different. Even though a lot of this seems like common sense believe it or not as we travel around to different campgrounds you would be surprised at how many times these common curtsies are overlooked. I guess the most important thing to remember is you do not want to become “That GUY”