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For some, the allure of fulltime living in a smaller space, makes the transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau's "Walden Pond" existence a reality. Residing in a tiny house encourages more outdoor activities and often allows them to spend more time and money for living large in other ways.

Previously, the options were limited to motorhomes, campers, ....

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Work camping, a term synonymous with the full time RVing community, involves individuals that combine work with RV camping. Jobs vary and can be paid or volunteer positions and last one season or continue year round. Work camping, also referred to as workamping, is our main source of income, allowing us to continue our travels and adventures all ac....

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I write and talk about RV living quite a bit. Sometimes when this subject comes up, I’ll go off on tangents and forget that some of the language I use could be foreign to others. Of course, this leads people to ask me the meanings of various words.
The word I’m asked about most? Boondocking.
So, What is Boondocking?
In all honesty, thi....

Author : on in It's a Wanderful RV LifeBlog Category | It's a Wanderful RV Life | Budget | Tags | Blogs

On May 20th we celebrated our one year Nomadiversary. It really doesn’t feel like it has been a year since we left on our maiden voyage from Houston, Texas to Kinder, Louisiana. It hasn’t been all fun and games. There were a couple of times in the first three months that we actually thought about calling it quits. It was just so many changes an....

Author : on in The Road Less TraveledBlog Category | The Road Less Traveled | Budget | Tags | Blogs

As with most other lifestyles, living in an RV fulltime can be pricey. Fortunately, just as with other lifestyles, there are many ways to spend less. Always in an effort to be frugal, we have done a lot of experimenting along the way. These are just a couple of tips you can use to save money on campgrounds, food, and fuel, to mention a few.


Author : on in The Road Less TraveledBlog Category | The Road Less Traveled | Budget | Tags | Blogs

Tiny homes are all the rage and many consider fulltime RVing to be the ultimate in modest living while allowing you to enjoy the freedom of the open road. They don’t always realize that there’s a cost of living to every lifestyle and when a person fails to plan and live deliberately, he or she can easily lose control of spending.

Enter the “B-w....

Author : on in Paws, Pilgrimages, and PonderingsBlog Category | Paws, Pilgrimages, and Ponderings | Budget | Tags | Blogs

Whether you plan to live in your RV full time to save money or just to travel or both, a budget will help keep you on track financially. Living in an RV comes with many different budgetary considerations than living in a house – and some of the same. Here are some things you’ll want to consider as you plan to manage your money on the road.

Related ....

Author : on in RV Tips & EducationBlog Category | RV Tips & Education | Budget | Tags | Blogs

Living in an RV can be considerably cheaper than living in a house or apartment. Then again, it can get away from you very quickly, racking up exorbitant costs. It is so tempting to pick up every cool RV gadget that hits the market but that’s never a good idea. It may seem like fun to “fly by the seat of your pants” and run without any planni....

Author : on in RVs Inside and Out: A Parts Manager's PerspectiveBlog Category | RVs Inside and Out: A Parts Manager's Perspective | Budget | Tags | Blogs

How do you get to keep the camping going with limited funds? Let’s talk “camping on a budget” and keep you and the family out and about year round!

Location Motivation
When deciding where you want to camp, take some time to do some research on the rates in the area you are heading to. There are many campgrounds off the beaten path that offer cheape....

Author : on in RV Full-Time with UsBlog Category | RV Full-Time with Us | Budget | Tags | Blogs

Now that you are on the road whether you are work camping or not you will need to find a campground to stay at for a night or even longer. Now depending on where and when you travel there are a number of discount programs and ways to save money doing it and that is what we are going to talk about today.

Discount Programs:

I thought that we would ....