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Fishing Hole at Grant Village
Yellowstone Journal- Grant Village

Yellowstone Journal- Grant Village

Yellowstone National Park is HUGE! It will take 30 to forty-five minutes just to get from someplace to anyplace else in the park.

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Grant Village is in the most southern part of the park. It’s a good place to be if you want to go to the Tetons and see Yellowstone on the same visit. It’s about 20 miles north of the south entrance of the park nestled against Yellowstone Lake.

Grant has a motel like feel. There are several buildings clustered in an E shape with easy parking for all kinds of vehicles. The registration desk is ½ mile from the buildings so you cannot see them when you drive into the Village. Unlike the other Villages, Grant Village does not have cabins. It does have camping and the laundry facilities are the best in the park. Room rates change every year so if you want to book into Grant Village the reservation desk opens in January.

You will have no TV-No phone service to speak of and NO Wi-Fi unless[ you are in the lobby of one of the hotels EVERYONE IS WELCOME IN THE LOBBIES OF THE HOTELS. WI-fi is pay as you go and it is VERY, VERY SLOW. I just use my hotspot whenever I find a signal strong enough to log on.

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A little aside here. Every front desk in the park is connected to every other front desk. You can get availability on every room and cabin from any front desk and most of the agents will look for you without your asking; they want to fill rooms. There are no discounts of any kind in peak season July 1 to September 30.

Back to Grant Village. I love the dining room at Grant. It overlooks the lake and has huge lodge pole pines framing the picturesque vista from your table. There are no bad tables but it is nice to have the window so you don’t have to peer over or around someone’s head while you dine and feast on the view as well as the food. I’m partial the bison steak, but the trout (from the lake) is yummy too.

Grant Village is one of the best places in the park to spy Elk. The herd is diminishing and I will tell that story in another Blog, but Grant has a nice population of these amazing animals. As much as they seem tame they are NOT. Take photos from a distance and be aware of where you are and where they are.

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The cows are dangerous in spring during calving season the bulls are scary dangerous in the fall during the rut. They will attack anything shiny that reflects them. There is a photo I’ve seen of a big bull prancing around with the tail light of a car embedded in his antlers. It sound s like Yellowstone is fraught with danger… yes and no. Keep a safe distance from the animals and you will be fine, approach to close at you own peril.

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The visitor’s center at Grant Village is extremely informative. It will tell you about the ’88 fire and how it changed the park for the good and bad. Moose for example are just beginning to come back in any numbers because of the ’88 fire. They were not killed so much as their food sources were destroyed and it has taken this long to recover.

The one thing not to miss while you are visiting Grant Village is the West Thumb Geyser Basin. It will take about 45 minutes to walk the entire basin but you will see some of the most beautiful pools in the park. Fishing Hole is also at West Thumb; it has a great story but that too is for another day.

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Yellowstone National Park is HUGE! It will take 30 to forty-five minutes just to get from someplace ....

Two Bears Fighting

Yellowstone National Park is HUGE! It will take 30 to forty-five minutes just to get from someplace ....

Raccoons inspecting food cooler

Yellowstone National Park is HUGE! It will take 30 to forty-five minutes just to get from someplace ....
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Sandra Crawford


Sandra Crawford

Sandra Crawford is a writer, painter and traveler. She and her husband “full time” and have discovered the what was going to be a quick two or three-year cross country adventure has become a passionate lifestyle. She has spent three summers in Yellowstone National Park and its close environs. Crawford’s dry wit comes through in all her prose.

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