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What is your RV Class Personality?

What is your RV Class Personality?

Ever wonder what class motorhome you are best suited for? This little quiz will help you sort it all out.

1. When hitting the road, I:
A. Don’t need a lot of living space. Give me a simple bathroom, a little kitchen, and a place to sleep and I’m good to go!
B. Don’t want to feel cramped. I like to have some space to move around.
C. Like plenty of living space. Basically, I just want to bring my apartment with me.

2. When it comes to storage:
A. I’m a minimalist. I don’t have a lot of stuff so I don’t need a lot of cargo space.
B. I like the option of extra storage. I don’t need to carry a bunch of stuff with me but I do enjoy a few of the comforts of home.
C. I like to carry everything I need, everything I might need, and lots of things I will probably never need.

3. When taking day trips to see the sights, I:
A. Don’t want to have to juggle vehicles. Plus, I’d rather bring my camper along in case I find a cool place and want to spend a little more time, stay over.
B. I don’t mind towing my own car for that purpose. I’ll willingly trade that for the extra space I have in my RV.
C. Prefer to tow my own car or rent a vehicle to tool around.

4. When I am choosing an RV, luxury amenities and options:
A. I don’t need a lot of extra stuff; I don’t need a lot of amenities.
B. I like a few options, but I don’t need all the fancy luxury amenities.
C. Should be vast and varied. I want as many choices as possible, even the option to travel like royalty.

5. My level of comfort with driving larger vehicles is:
A. Smaller is better.
B. I don’t mind a larger rig but bus size may be a bit much.
C. I don’t scare easily; the bigger, the better. I don’t mind driving extremely large, city bus size vehicles.

6. Regarding costs and expenses:
A. I am forever pinching pennies.
B. I am middle of the road. I don’t own a money tree but I do have room to play.
C. Money is no object.

7. When I get to a campsite:
A. I like easy. I don’t want to have to think too hard about parking and I like a simple setup.
B. If I have to maneuver a little to get into a campsite I’m OK with it if it means I get some extra room in my RV.
C. I don’t mind maneuvering into a campsite; I like the challenge!

8. When it comes to sleeping space:
A. I don’t need much room, it’s only me or just the two of us.
B. I like to bring friends or family along – or have room for guests to visit. I like options!
C. The more the merrier! I like plenty of room.

9. My camping habits are:
A. I like weekend excursions and the occasional longer trip, but I also like the option for having an extra vehicle with towing capabilities.
B. I like family vacations for a week or more and we might hit the road several times a year – but we still have a regular home to go to when we aren’t traveling.
C. I am a full-timer and I like to travel a lot but I also like the option of long term camping in some places.

10. A day of traveling involves:
A. Great tunes, a packed cooler, and a rousing game of license plate bingo as we roll down the road with our destination the only concern on our minds.
B. Sitting around the table, playing cards or maybe napping on the bed, but make sure to watch the vehicle we’re towing, but if we see a place to stop we can pull over in most areas – as long as they are large enough.
C. Lounging on the sofa or chopping stuff up for a salad, all while keeping an eye on our car that we’re towing and looking for a large parking lot when we have to pull off to stop because we need lots of maneuverability.

The Results

Now it’s time to count your results, how many A’s, B’s, and C’s you chose.

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Mostly A’s – You are best suited to a Class B Motorhome, the mini-motorhome. They are built on a regular auto chassis and have many of the same features as an auto, including driver and passenger cabin doors. They range from 22 feet to 35 feet in length. They often have a regular bed but also a bed over the cab although some people use it for storage. Some models have slide outs to increase the living space. Basically, they are scaled down or lower end versions of the Class A rigs. It does have all the comforts of home: kitchen, cooktop, fridge, oven, bedroom, bathroom, living area, and other creature comforts but in a smaller space. The price is more reasonable, ranging from $50,000 to $150,000. They are a little easier to maneuver into campsites than Class As but can still post a challenge in some spaces. But they do have a comfortable living area.

Mostly B’s – You are best suited to a Class C Motorhome, the van conversion or camper van. This motorhome type has high roof so you can stand up and walk around inside, but it is built on a van chassis so it is the smaller of the classes, ranging from 17 feet to 19 feet in length with no slide outs. While there are usually cooking facilities, a dinette/bed (convertible), small fridge, sink, toilet, and even electric outlets, the living space can be a somewhat limited. This is definitely not for more than two people and they probably aren’t comfortable for long term camping or full timing. They are easy to park in a camping site and they have pretty reasonable gas mileage. They usually range in price from $40,000 to $100,000 so they are pretty affordable. They are also appropriate for light towing.

Mostly C’s – You are best suited to a Class A Motorhome, the largest type of motorhome. They are large, around 26 feet to 45 feet in length, with plenty of living area and cargo space. Often, they are built on a bus chassis. They usually have slide outs that increase the living area. They usually have many great luxury amenities and tons of options. Some even have a washer and dryer on board (or space for one). These RVs are like small apartments and are completely outfitted for comfortable living. Price tags can be as low as $60,000 on the low end but can range into the millions at the high end.

Here's another fun quiz to see what kind of camper you are!

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