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Weathering the Weather Related Migraine

Weathering the Weather Related Migraine

One of the coolest parts of RVing is the travel, the discovery of new areas and visiting favorite destination. However, going from one city or even state to another not only do you get to take in new sights, you also often get to experience different weather. If you are sensitive to climate and weather patterns as triggers for a migraine, you could end up with a doozie of a headache.

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Spring is turning my little corner of the world into a lush, green, flowery, pollen infested wonderland. I spent the last week battling brutal allergies sprinkled with an extended play migraine sprinkled with ice pick headaches for added fun. It also happens when I travel. Last March I traveled from Charleston to Williamsburg, South Carolina. It took about 8 hours – I stopped to walk around several times. Nonetheless, I work the next morning with a killer migraine. Thankfully it was over by 10 am and I could get on with my day, but I was so exhausted it sort of put a damper on my plans.

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I’ve come a long way in a year. Quite frankly, I am tired of getting headaches every time the weather changes (in all fairness, I did not see last week’s weather change coming – we have budding flowers and trees – in February). I have reduced my incidence of migraines and when I do have them they usually aren’t as severe.
Now I will pass my migraine tips on to you.

Keep a Migraine Diary: Keeping a migraine diary will help you identify what triggers your migraines, including weather changes. When you have a headache write down these things:
  • Date and time
  • Where the pain was located (temples, over the eye, etc.)
  • Severity and nature of the pain (not all migraines are blinding pain)
  • Any health issues you may have (allergies, cold, etc.)
  • Weather changes
  • Barometric pressure (you can check the barometric pressure here – select full report to see it as well as other info)
  • What you were doing prior to the migraine (physical activity, computer work, etc.)
  • Any unusual symptoms or migraine auras you experienced prior to the onset of the pain
Get Plenty of Sleep: Sleep deprivation can not only trigger a migraine, it can also lower your migraine threshold and make you more susceptible to pain (meaning your migraine will feel more painful). Avoid going to bed late and try to get 7 or 8 hours of sleep.

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Don’t get Overheated: For many people, getting too hot can trigger a migraine. Avoid getting overheated. You may even need to stay indoors at certain times of the day.

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Stay Hydrated: Dehydration while camping can cause killer migraines so it is important to get plenty to drink. The typical recommendation is to drink around eight 8 ounce glasses of water a day. Some people may need more so adjust your water intake for your personal needs.

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Limit Your Alcohol Consumption: Red wine is a migraine trigger for many people, but other types of alcohol can be triggers as well When you drink alcohol it increases the blood flow to your brain. Your best bet is to avoid alcohol, especially if you have headaches the morning after drinking.

Try Precision Tinted Glasses: These are also known as migraine glasses and many migraine sufferers have gotten relief. They help people who have sensitivity to light. They can be worn outside, while using a computer, even watching TV. You can even send in your prescription for glasses or contacts and get migraine glasses in your prescription, just for you.

Try Herbal Remedies: Nettle or honeysuckle tea are good for migraines related to sinus or allergies, although you might want to add some feverfew or butterbur. Butterbur is a popular herbal remedy for migraines and is very effective for many people. When you travel to a new area, make an herbal tea with nettle or butterbur, or take supplements before you go to bed or if you feel a headache coming on.
Do you have migraines? Are they worse with weather changes or locations? What works for you?

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