Valentine’s Day on the Road-Ideas for RVers

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Valentine’s Day on the Road-Ideas for RVers

Valentine’s Day on the Road-Ideas for RVers

February 14—the middle of the shortest and (in many areas) bleakest month. What a great time to celebrate love and romance! For RVers who have a semi-permanent winter location, this is about midway through their stay. This means that they know the area pretty well and making plans is no more difficult than it would be for anyone. Those who travel throughout the year, however, might find themselves in an unknown area. Fortunately, there are many activities for couples and singles that don’t require familiarity with one’s surroundings.

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Going Out as a Couple

One of my absolute favorite resources on the road is YELP. It is not entirely flawless, but when you’re in a new area, it is better than nothing for providing information, recommendations, and directions. Decide what sort of evening you are seeking and merely plug in the category to see what establishments are nearby.

For Valentine’s Day, many couples enjoy going to a nice restaurant for dinner. YELP can let you know what options are in your area, which are open, which fit your preferences as far as budget and environment, and even what’s on the menu. Since up-scale eateries often have special Valentine’s Day hours and entrees, it would be a good idea to call ahead in case you need reservations.

Another option would be to look into local B&Bs. Nothing rekindles a spark more than a change of space. Definitely call ahead; sometimes they have special offers for this most popular time of the year.

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Going Out as a Single

The worst Valentine’s Day I ever spent involved a misguided effort with my sister. Two single gals who thought they’d “buck the system” and go to a dance club to pick up lonely men on V-Day. It sounds rather pathetic as I write it and it was a dismal failure. Do you know where single men are on Valentine’s Day? Not at dance clubs. The entire place catered to couples that night and made us feel even more alone than we would have been staying home with a bottle of wine and a comedy.

That said, there are many things you could do as a single person in a new area on this otherwise romantic holiday. Check out what movies are playing at the local theater. Look into gatherings at the campground where you are staying. Host a get-together for other singles in the area or plan a group outing to a bowling alley or musical venue. Truly, the sky’s the limit.

Staying In

There is absolutely no hard and fast rule that you have to go out, whether you’re in a relationship or not. Many people find staying in for the holiday easier, less expensive, and more enjoyable.

Consider making a delicious meal or even ordering delivery. Many a romantic evening has occurred over Chinese take-out or delivered pizza. Pop in your favorite movie, open your favorite beverage, light a few candles and enjoy the company of your favorite person, in person or even online. Skype (or FaceTime) is a wonderful thing.

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In Conclusion

Whether alone, in a couple, or with a group, there are many different ways to observe the mid-winter holiday in public or at home. Hopefully, these suggestions give you a few ideas and resources that you might not have considered otherwise. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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