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Upgrade Your TV: From Fat to Flat

Upgrade Your TV: From Fat to Flat

All of the new RVs and trailers come with flat screen televisions, but for those of you who still have that big bulky tube TV, it’s time for a change. Not only will you coach carry less weight by switching from the old fat to the new flat, but you will also have a clearer picture and better sound. When thinking about making the change to the new TV most cannot live without there are a few considerations you should take into account.

First and foremost, you must look at your space. How much space do you have? What size TV will fit in your space? When checking the size of your space remember TVs are measured diagonally. You must also discern whether the space you will be installing your new TV will be requiring some customization for a proper fit. In some cases, the new flat TV will fit in the right spot but will need a special bracket to allow for installation. Before installing the bracket, be sure to test the durability and strength of the material you will be attaching your television to. Also, take note that your bracket may need to be adjustable depending on location and that may require a different type of television mount.


• Quality- As everyone who has suffered through watching their favorite show on an old tube TV knows, the quality, picture size, and sound are incredible on the new flat screens. The quality difference alone is reason to switch.

• Weight- There is a drastic weight difference between the old bulky television and the new TVs. This not only allows you to have a sturdier ride and easier time leveling your coach, but gives you more room to pack more shoes for your trip (wink-wink).

• Reception- Most of the new TVs will no longer need an antenna for local channels as the come with because they are off-air digital.

• Smart TV- A lot of the TVs that are on the market now are known as Smart TVs. This means that you can directly hook-up to the internet from your television and that you can stream Netflix, Hulu, or any other streaming service. This is beneficial as long as you have internet access.

• Extras- The new televisions are also equipped with some impressive sound extras, sound bars and surround sound systems. These make the entertainment experience more exciting. Home theater systems, which include Blu-Ray players and surround systems, are also becoming more commonly installed in many coaches.

As a rule, any upgrade you add to your coach improves the value and newness of your coach. If you are the kind of person that never misses a football game or a NASCAR race, then this upgrade will be something you will get a lot of use out of. The cabinetry may need to be changed a bit, but the result can be beautiful if done by a reputable RV shop. I personally love cuddling up in the coach watching movies on those cold mornings with the kids and I know for a fact that that flat is way better than fat. Happy trails!

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