Traveling Cats: Health on the Road

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Traveling Cats: Health on the Road

Traveling Cats: Health on the Road

Part of keeping your cat safe on the road is to make sure they are healthy enough to make the trip and stay just as healthy while you are on your adventures together.
Before you begin traveling with your cat, you should make an appointment with your vet. A simple checkup can tell you all you need to know about your cat’s current health, and is especially important with felines. Cats are notorious for hiding pain and illness very well and a checkup from a professional is the very best way to make sure that nothing is amiss. If you are seeing anything unusual in your cat’s behavior, from daily routines, to meal time practices, to litter box habits, it’s all the more important to meet with your vet to ensure your feline friend is healthy to travel.

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Once your cat has been checked out and the two of you are ready to hit the road together, there are some things you’ll want to keep on top of in your travels to ensure your pet is just as healthy as before you began your journey.
One of the biggest concerns for traveling cats is ensuring they remain hydrated on the road. You probably know the feeling of suddenly realizing just how thirsty you are after a long ride in the car or motor home on a sunny day. The same is true for your feline. Since cats generally are not fond of dipping their heads into small spaces like the designs you usually see for travel water bowls, you should pay extra attention to their water intake.

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Adding electrolytes before the trip, increasing liquid intake, and offering water while traveling can all be of benefit in keeping hydrated. Sodium is one common electrolyte and it can be found in canned cat food as well as chicken broth, both of which your cat should happily accept the day before a trip. To increase liquid intake, a water fountain type bowl at home will be an asset. Since cats can be prone to kidney damage if they go long periods without eating, it’s also a good idea to offer food while underway, and you can also add water to dry or canned cat food to be sure they are getting extra water. In the vehicle, your cat may prefer a water bottle with a metal ball to a shallow dish water bowl. Make sure ahead of time that your cat will use whatever you use to offer water on the road, and make sure they always have water available.
Since your cat will be visiting areas of the country the two of you have never been, it is a good idea to do a little research ahead of time about unique parasites or any outbreaks of disease in an area before you arrive. Check local news sources online or call a veterinarian in the area you plan to stay to be sure you are taking all necessary steps to avoid any dangers in a new area.

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Depending on the threats inherent in the areas you arrive, you may choose to vaccinate your pet against the dangers you’ve not yet encountered. Some campgrounds and most states, cities, counties, or municipalities require vaccination against rabies, so you will want to have proof on hand when you arrive.

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