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Top Tips New RVers Share with Experienced Travelers

Top Tips New RVers Share with Experienced Travelers

Everyone knows there are many things that an experienced RVer can share with an amateur. Few, however, consider what a master camper can learn from a newbie. Making the decision to be a regular traveler probably seemed like a good idea when you started. When expenses pile up and things become inconvenient, it’s a little hard to remember why this was a good idea. New RVers, on the other hand, know exactly why they want this lifestyle. They have excitement and joie de vivre that a more seasoned traveler may have misplaced. Here are some of the top tips to regaining your bliss.

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Keep It New

Anything new is usually faced with excitement (or apprehension). On the other hand, for those who’ve lived or traveled in their RV for a while, it may become commonplace. Without the active process of learning about the new rig and all the various aspects that go along with it, it can be easy to become bored and inactive.

The beautiful quality of RV living, however, is that you can always go somewhere else. In fact, you can change everything about your life. Don’t like the weather or are bored with the scenery? Relocate. Tired of your job? Find work online or try your hand at Workamping. Bored with your RV? Remodel it. The options are limitless.

Stay Physically and Mentally Active

Incorporate physical activity into your daily life. This keeps you alert and cheerful, as well as increases your health and vitality. Research the “Meet Ups” in whatever area you’re staying and join a few. Try to vary them so you’re engaging in physically and mentally challenging activities. This’ll increase your social network and improve your quality of life.

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Be in Love with Your Life

Life is too short to do something you don’t enjoy. It’s a good idea to occasionally assess your choice of residence. Why did you originally become a full-timer or part-timer? Are those reasons still extant? In other words, if you became a full-timer to save money, are you? If you became one to travel the countryside, are you still finding fulfillment doing so? Embrace your passion. If you find that you don’t love your life, it’s time to rethink a few things.

Keep Current with Technology

Newer RVs often come equipped with a range of devices developed to make the RVing experience a smooth one. Back up cameras, GPS, camping and fuel saving apps can be game changers when you’re traveling somewhere you haven’t previously been. Most new travelers take advantage of these.

Research new devices and applications, and then consider updating your system. Even if you prefer to keep it old-school, it should be because you choose to rather than because you aren’t informed about or comfortable with these helpful bits of technology that can enhance your experience.

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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

It’s easy to get into a rut even when you live a less conventional lifestyle. Experienced campers often reserve the same camp site next to the same neighbors, year after year. Although this is great for developing a sense of community, it limits their experiences.

RV novices haven’t developed a routine—or really any habits—in their new way of life, so they’re more likely to try different things. In addition to exploring a variety of campgrounds, as well as experimenting with dry-camping, they meet people and make friends around the country. If you find that you typically reside most of the time in a handful of the same RV parks each year, it may be time to change it up.

In Conclusion

New RVers relish the journey as much as the destination. With an RV, you have the freedom to comfortably live just about anywhere, so take advantage of that. Join an organized caravan touring an area you never dreamed of visiting. For example, there are several companies that tour Canada and Alaska and the sights are reputedly beautiful. Be spontaneous. Take a tour of the U.S.’s most popular amusement parks, national parks, state parks, or venture across the popular Route 66. Choose your own adventure and make some memories.

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