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Top Safety Tips for the Open Road
Top Safety Tips for the Open Road

Top Safety Tips for the Open Road

Written By: Jason Mueller

Cruising down the road in an RV is a fun way to travel through the country. You can find excitement around virtually every bend in the road, but for those who own RV’s and plan to take a long trip down the open road, it’s important to think about safety at all times to make sure that you, and your family or friends who will join you as you head down the highway, will be safe and secure every mile of the trip.

Whether you personally own the RV or you have been able to rent one for the season, be sure to take a few things into consideration to ensure you have a safe journey and that you are fully prepared for anything should an unexpected situation arise while on the long and winding road ahead of you.

Insurance Coverage
Be sure to check with your insurance agent and carefully read every word of your coverage policy. You need to know whether your RV is fully covered and if you will be eligible for replacement cost if you experience a wreck along the way. You will also want to make sure your coverage will sufficiently cover your personal effects including clothing, accessories, jewelry, furnishings, camping or hunting gear or electronics. Unfortunately, accidents happen and it’s always best to make sure you are fully covered in case you experience one along the way.

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Safety Kit
You should always keep an emergency safety kit inside the RV. Even for minor accidents or small injuries, a safety kit will come in handy. Stock it with bandages, an assortment of band aids, a tourniquet, elastic bandages, sterile nitrile gloves, medical tape, finger cots, anti-bacterial cream, alcohol pads and other basic medical gear. You may also want to include a hot/cold pack, smelling salts and even an emergency cell phone and signal flares.

Smoke Alarm
Check the batteries and keep a fully functioning smoke alarm in the RV. You may cook like a celebrity chef, but fires happen and it’s best to have an alert system in place to keep you safe.

Speaking of fire, keep an extinguisher handy as well. You can always buy a small, portable extinguisher and keep it under the RV sink or inside an accessible closet. It’s ideal to have one up front and one near the rear at all times.

Check Your Lights
Before you hit the road, and at every fill up as you travel, be sure to walk the perimeter and check the lights to make sure they all work properly. On a dark road at night, it’s important that others can see you just as it is important you can see the road ahead.

Sleepy Driving
If you feel tired, pull over and stop immediately. Fatigued driving causes crashes and there is nothing more important than your life and the lives of those you care about as well as others on the road.

If you use a generator, never run it inside the RV. Carbon monoxide will build up and can kill you and your loved ones if the generator is used inside.

Lock it Up
Keep your windows and doors locked and secured anytime you exit the RV at a fuel up or when you leave it to go for a hike or an outing in the woods or even the city.

Travel with Others
Try to travel with a group or at least with another person or two. This will increase your own safety and can deter thieves and others who may be checking out people traveling alone.

When you are traveling to campgrounds or parking areas along the way, be sure to check the parking spot before you park anywhere. This will ensure you don’t run over glass or nails and that the space is large enough for your RV. You will also need to make sure you park at a safe distance from camp grills, fire rings and other hazardous areas.
Nothing beats a good RV road trip, but even with all the fun times ahead, taking a little time to think about safety will help ensure your trip is all that you want it to be.

About the Author: Jason is an expatriate who loves to travel. His company A-1 Auto Transport Allows him to travel and work where he wants. He enjoys the outdoors and camping.

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