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Snowman on the beach
Top RV Winter Destinations

Top RV Winter Destinations

I love winter – all of it. I love the snow, the cold, the chill in the air, the hush that comes over the world when a new blanket of snow covers the ground. What can I say? I may have grown up in Louisiana, but my time in Montana turned me into a good ole northern girl. I love every bit if a good, chilly, northern winter.
My husband says you should never have to shovel the weather.

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He also says that no one ever slipped on sunshine.

He is not a winter person.

Currently, we are in South Carolina, in the Charleston area. It isn’t too bad, weather is actually a bit of an adventure here. Today the low is 58 degrees, but tomorrow it is expected to be 42 degrees. Thursday should see a low of 30 degrees and Friday it’s back up into the 50s. People are literally wearing coats one day and shorts the next.
I don’t mind the cooler temps, but my husband has been talking about wintering in a warmer climate. Based on the weather, even in the Southeast U.S. in the past couple of years there aren’t many areas that are truly winterproof. However, here is what my research has turned up.

It seems that the southernmost parts of these states may offer some respite from frigid chill of winter at least for a while.

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California/Arizona/New Mexico
Well, there is no shortage of sunshine in the southern portions of these states. I lived in Arizona, near Tonopah in the middle of the desert. That lasted about 36 hours and I was over it. It is dry though and there are no insects to speak of although scorpions are pretty common down there – as are tarantulas. The constant sunshine gives you plenty of fuel for your solar energy if you are boondocking. There are lots of outdoor activities and great weather for them.

The downside is that it can get rather chilly at night – and some areas can be a bit windy. There isn’t a lot of water if you are into boating, paddling, or other water activities. But you can sure have a blast on a dune buggy. Plus, California can be a little on the expensive side.

The southern tip of Texas, near the Rio Grande Valley is somewhat protected from harsh winter weather. It is somewhat rare in that you can go from mountains to desert to the coast in a matter just hours. The temperatures typically stay quite warm and there are some things to do and see.

Once out of the Rio Grande Valley you can find that the temperature varies wildly – and there’s an awful lot of wind. It isn’t constantly sunny like its neighbors to the west and the beaches leave something to be desired.

I admit, I am a little partial to this area because I grew up here. There are some great parks and areas for hiking, plus it is startlingly inexpensive (at least to me – and I lived in D.C.). The farther south you go, the deeper into Cajun Country you venture. This means great Cajun cooking and fresh seafood. If you get down that way stop and get you some boudin. There is nothing like it – and while you’re at it, send me some!

The winters can be overcast and gray, lots of rain, and a bit chilly. The flooding that the state experienced in late August 2016 has devastated a good portion of the southern parts of the state. Many small businesses were forced to close and are only now coming back. If you do make it down there, please shop local. The Louisiana economy needs all the help it can get right now as it recovers from that terrible flooding.

This area is very similar to Louisiana, but the temperatures tend to be a little chillier, although not unbearable. There are plenty of things to do; it’s all coastline. While hitting the beach may not be practical, you can find other fun things to do in the area. Most of the towns along I-10 are set up to appeal to tourists. It’s more on the inexpensive side down there, so enjoy.

Some people are put off by the high humidity and overall dampness of these areas. The damp tends to make it feel like it is colder than it is. The overcast skies can be a downer for some. Some people also complain that there isn’t much to do, no hiking or outdoor activities. That isn’t necessarily true, but get with the locals to find fun stuff to do. You’ll have better luck.

The Florida Keys and Southernmost Florida offer what is possibly the best option for winter RVing. The warm weather, low humidity, and abundant sunshine beckon people to venture outside. When they do, they are greeted with crystal clear rivers that are spring fed, lots of wildlife, many nature trails for hiking, and very nice beaches. If you love water activities, this is the RV winter retreat for you.

Unfortunately, other people have the same idea – many people. Certain areas in that region can get overcrowded quickly so choose your area wisely. The warm weather and humidity mean that the insects are out and can be bothersome. Also, some portions can be a bit expensive.

This is intended to be a guide. If you are interested in any of these areas, don’t take my word for it – or anyone else’s for that matter. Do the research yourself. Talk to people who have been there and see what they had to say. Then make your own decisions.

Where is your favorite winter destination? Tell us about it in the comments!

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