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Top RV Road Trips for the Bucket List

Top RV Road Trips for the Bucket List

Written By: Jason Mueller

Camping is getting more and more popular among travelers, not only it is an economic way to go to your favorite places, but it has many advantages. RV camping is a great option for large families, kids, and pets; you can get to know more places in one trip and have as many amenities as you wish, from air conditioning, refrigerator, and microwave, to hight tech like electronic navigation.
When it comes to RV-ing you can explore the open road at the level or comfort you desire and there are places you can definitely not ignore. Be sure to check out our trip planner for more routes and ideas.

Zion National Park( Utah)

Zion National Park is known for its beautiful canyon, scenic views has 3 campgrounds
South, Watchman and Lava Point Campground. South and Watchmen campground are located in the south entrances of the park and is the desert area, the Virgin River runs along each camp Ground.
Only one trailer or RV is allowed. Any Rv including motorhomes, cab-over campers, and camper vans.

  • Pay showers
  • Firewood
  • Medical clinic
  • Restaurants
  • Small market
From march to mid-November, there is a 14-day max allowance and the rest of the year you can stay for an extra 30 day. You can do activities such as biking, river hiking, rock climbing and horse riding.

Yellowstone National Park

This National Park is a favorite for RV travelers, Yellow Stone has 12 campgrounds with over 2000 campsites, all welcome RVs with RV size restrictions, sites maximum combined length of 40 feet or more is the limit. Fishing Bridge Campground is the only park campground with hookups and dump station, it is located at the east entrance and because of bears, tents are not allowed.
You can do activities like, hiking, skiing, horse riding, fishing, climbing, and rafting.
  • Internet access
  • Cell phone service
  • Pet friendly
  • Bear boxes

Yellowstone has million of visitors every year, remember to do a previous reservation before you get there.

Rocky Mountain National Park (Colorado)

Prepared to be amazed by all the beautiful sites and the amount of wildlife there is to explore in the Rocky Mountains.
Open from may 25 to September, The Rocky mountain has numerous RVs Camping sites, all with loops and different size restrictions, sites vary from 30 to 40 ft maximum length depending on each area and with different fees for each one.
You can stay seven nights from January 7th to September 30, to an extra 14 days from September 30th to July first.
You can do all kinds of activities in here like, hiking, mountain climbing, horse riding and Biking.
  • Toilets
  • Lockers
  • Firewood
  • Pet friendly

Albuquerque International Baloon Fiesta

RV traveling is a great option to visit concerts of your preferences, festivals around the world, like the biggest balloon international fiesta or the Albuquerque International Baloon Fiesta.
The Albuquerque International Baloon Fiesta is a yearly festival of hot air Balloons, in the month of October in Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A.
The event last 9 days and it has over 500 balloons each year. You can enjoy different events like Down Patrol, Mass Ascensions, Artistic Vision, Special shape Rodeo, Baloon Glows.
Albuquerque has hundreds of camping options of all tastes, sizes, and budget, with different amenities and lots of other activities to do with all your family. Remember that Albuquerque is a big event and it will be recommendable to make a reservation previous to your stay.
Whether you decide to travel with your family, partner or just on your own, keep in mind to check your routes before heading down the road, making your reservation ahead oh time. Be very aware of the specific park rules for camping and never leave your camera at home, so that you can share with friends and family all your adventures.

About the Author: Jason is an expatriate who loves to travel. His company A-1 Auto Transport Allows him to travel and work where he wants. He enjoys the outdoors and camping.

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