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Tips for Fixing Leaky RV Roofs
Tips for Fixing Leaky RV Roofs

Tips for Fixing Leaky RV Roofs

Written By: Jason Mueller

Whether you own a new RV and enjoy taking road trips in the summer or you have a classic silver bullet from the 1970’s and head out to the wilderness on camping trips throughout the year, a leaky roof is one of the most resolute problems that you may face. A leaky roof can be caused by numerous issues including tree branches falling on the roof, rust or decay in older model RV’s, insects or animals or even frozen water. If you own an RV and find a leak, it’s best to fix is fast so your entire RV won’t wind up ruined from water damage.
It doesn’t take much water to completely ruin the interior of an RV and chances are you will want to keep your RV in great ship and don’t want your belongings floating away. We have a few tips to consider for repairing your leaky roof and making sure your RV is nice and dry for your next road trip.

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Quick Ways to Patch an RV Roof
If you need to make a quick patch due to finances or time, you can always find products at your local automotive or hardware store that will get the job done and possibly save a little cash. It may not be as precise as it would be if you hire a professional to fix it, but when you’re in a jam and need a quick fix, a little patchwork will possibly help. You can find sealants like silicone, tar or liquid roof liquid that will cover a crack or hole and can be used to seal it until you can get the RV to a roofing specialist who works on RV’s and other camper roofs.

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To fix a leak on your own, you will need to clean the area with a mild soap and water. Be sure to use a clean towel to clean and then use another clean towel to dry. Cleanliness is important because if you have oil or residue from tree sap on the roof, it can cause the sealant to not stick well. If you have rust on the roof, use a metal brush to remove the rust before you clean. Allow everything to dry and work on small spots only. If the roof has excessive damage that is causing the leak, chances are a quick patch job is not going to help and you will need to speak to a company that specializes in repairing leaky RV and camper roofs to get the job done the right way. If you choose to give it a go on your own, it may work for a while, but chances are that you will eventually need a pro to help and you may even cause more damage by trying to patch large spots on your own unless you are a professional roofer yourself.

Quick Tips for Repair
To get started with a leaky roof repair, here are a few simple tips:
  1. Locate the leak
  2. Determine whether the leak is coming from a small tear or from a large hole
  3. Small leaks can usually be repaired on your own with a little RV rubber roof repair sealant
  4. When you buy a repair kit for the RV roof, make sure it contains EPDM roofing material as this is the correct material for RV roof repair

Hiring a Professional
Unless you have experience with roof repair and really know what you’re doing when it comes to fixing a leaky RV roof, it is best to leave the repair work to a professional. A roofing specialist will be able to look at the roof and determine the best products to use and the right steps to take to repair the leak seamlessly so you won’t see a bunch of messed up patchwork that may start leaking again. Not only will a professional be able to make the repair quickly, but you will also know that the work was completed the way it should be. In most cases, the work at hand will include a warranty and if you have insurance coverage, your policy may cover the damage so you will have zero out of pocket charges. Be sure to check with your insurance policy provider to see if leaky roof repair is covered.
If you’re planning to hit the open road and spend some quality time living in your RV, you’ll want to know that everything is in tip-top shape from top to bottom, and this includes the roof just as much as you would consider the engine, tires and other components that keep the RV going from one place to another. You surely wouldn’t let your RV pile up with trash or have a septic system that wouldn’t work, so why have a roof that leaks and could destroy your life on the road?

Timing is Everything
A leaky roof left unattended can cause severe damage to your RV. It is extremely important to either patch a small leak or contact a professional immediately to have your roof repaired when you first notice the leak. If you don’t have it repaired, water damage can ruin the interior of an RV by causing mold to grow or by damaging furnishings or appliances inside RV. A small leak, left unrepaired, can cause plenty of damage and can wind up costing you more than you would pay just to fix the leak.

About the Author: Jason is an expatriate who loves to travel. His company A-1 Auto Transport Allows him to travel and work where he wants. He enjoys the outdoors and camping.

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