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There is Help in a Pinch!

There is Help in a Pinch!

Many an RVer has a story or two of how another RVer has helped out in a pinch. This is one of those.

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We were at a Thousand Trails park near the Russian River. (near, not in sight of.) It was hot and dusty and with no river in view and my cranky self had had enough and wanted outta there! So my wise husband read his two page marriage manual and said, “Yes, Dear” and we got ready to go.

At that time we had the class A, a tow dolly and a Yaris. Steve got the bus and dolly ready. My job was to get the Yaris on the dolly. NO SWEAT! I’ve done this a 1,000 times, well at least several. My first attempts were not to Steve’s liking so I backed off and yet made another run at it. Did I mention I was cranky?

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I’m Scottish however that is no excuse for a foul temper, (but it’s the only one I have). I do get over my explosions quickly and usually there is just hot air as a consequence, and to my defense I really don’t think I was miffed when I hit the gas that morning. But I about died when I over shot the dolly and landed on the hitch. For once Steve’s camera is out of sight and there is not photo evidence of my folly.

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Usually when you stand around and look at a problem for a little while, you attract someone who wants to see what the deal is… not so here. It took a good 45 minutes before anyone came along to stare at my disaster with us. NO solutions just open mouthed gawking. (Yes, I’m laughing now too) Meanwhile I’m in the rig franticly dialing our insurance road service.

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“Yes, we have coverage, but not out of the state of Nevada”, the oh so helpful person tells me.( I am sooo grateful we are hundreds of miles away from our agent in Nevada…)

I am now really jumping up and down in my mind. So another call, this time to Good Sam road service and they can come through, however, we are so far out in the country it may take a while to find someone. No problemo! We aren’t going anywhere and we aren’t blocking traffic.

In the meantime … the gawkers have attracted the attention of more people, one of which has a husband who has a jeep with a wench. He tied the cable of the wench to my Yaris and pulled that puppy right off the hitch. What an Angel he was. No damage to the car or the hitch. And just few frayed nerves on my behalf.

Steve? As usual, he took everything in stride.

The moral of my tale is: Check your roadside coverage to make sure you are covered for EVERYWHERE for EVERYTHING.

We like Good Sam as a backup… And there really are ANGELS among us.

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Sandra Crawford


Sandra Crawford

Sandra Crawford is a writer, painter and traveler. She and her husband “full time” and have discovered the what was going to be a quick two or three-year cross country adventure has become a passionate lifestyle. She has spent three summers in Yellowstone National Park and its close environs. Crawford’s dry wit comes through in all her prose.

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