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Taxes for Full Time RVers

Taxes for Full Time RVers

Living full time in an RV can make you feel so free! But every year around this time, one of life’s two inevitabilities rears its ugly head. It’s none other than tax time. Writing a check to the IRS is a sure way to end that feeling of freedom.

This season can seem even harder for nomadic, mobile RVers. Many times, a full timer will have earned money in multiple states (and maybe none of them are where they live). When living in an RV, it’s common to not be in the same place each year at tax time. It can be hard or even impossible to set up a face to face meeting with a tax professional when the chosen expert is in another state or even an entirely different region of the country. The great news is that you can use many of the peculiarities of a mobile lifestyle to your advantage as you prepare to file your taxes!

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Many tax professionals will accept your tax paperwork online (only send sensitive information over a secured Internet connection) or by mail and make consultations remotely – over the phone or by email. You can even e-sign your taxes. Once you’ve chosen someone you trust and who will work with your situation, there are some things you will want to remember to talk to them about.

-While American citizens are likely to be saddled with federal taxes regardless of where they live, you can make a definite impact on your state and local tax bills based on the place you choose to set up residency. Mention this to your tax professional. If you haven’t already made choices about residency (or if you’re open to changing yours!), your tax professional may be able to guide you to the perfect choice.

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-The choice of residency can also affect some other types of taxes you pay, like vehicle registration and sales tax. The vehicle registration fee itself may reduce your federal tax liability.

-Your residency can also your affect access to, cost for, and the availability of health insurance. Be sure to address your insurance plan and the number of months you were covered by it with your tax preparer to avoid the fees associated with lack of coverage. You will also want to remember to share information about any HSA (health savings account) contributions and debits you’ve made.

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-Be sure to discuss information about the places you’ve earned money with your tax professional, as this can affect your bill.

-Time to unpack all your receipts! There are quite a few possible deductions which relate specifically to RVing that you’ll want to ensure you address with your tax professional. In some cases, the interest paid on your rig’s loan can be deducted from your bill. Many people install solar panels, and these are often eligible for tax breaks (they can save you money in other ways, too!). If your RV has a dedicated office area, see whether that space and its associated expenses can be written off.

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