Selecting the Right RV Cover for Winter

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Selecting the Right RV Cover for Winter

Selecting the Right RV Cover for Winter

Spring is in the air and you finally get to take your RV out of storage for your first road trip after a long cold winter. You open up your RV, expecting to see it just as you left it, but instead it's a mess! Full of bugs, critters, leaves and who knows what, except that they don't belong in your beautiful Class A motorhome. This could be you, if you don't invest in the proper RV cover.

Why You Need an RV Cover
RV covers are extremely important item required to protect your RV from the harsh elements of winter when your RV is not in use. If you're not using a cover, you should be parking it in a covered location. If you do store your RV outside though, a cover is absolutely necessary. However even RVs parked inside can benefit from using a cover to help keep bugs out.
Think of it like this: the cost of repairing your RV’s exterior can be costly— whether it is a paint job, roof repair, or window seals— chances are it will be substantial. Exposing your RV to the elements of winter over a long period of time, will undoubtedly put a dent in your pocket book. Covering your RV and preventing that damage in the first place is inexpensive in comparison to the alternative. Not to mention, you’ll need fewer exterior washes and maintain the resale value of your vehicle in the meantime.
To continue reading on about the benefits of the right RV cover and how to select the right one for you, hop on over to our friends at RV Handbook.

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