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Saving RV Space with a Capsule Wardrobe

Saving RV Space with a Capsule Wardrobe

The closet space in an RV is limited at best. This can make for a frustrating experience when you are trying to pack for a vacation and an even more irritating situation if you are moving into your rig.

Too much clothing is a problem we had when moving into our trailer, and one we have had to deal with a few times since. Additionally, I know this is a common issue for many RVers out there.

Fortunately, there is a fairly easy cure for this ailment, and it comes in a neat little package often referred to as a "capsule wardrobe". It's likely you've heard this term before, but in case you haven't, a capsule wardrobe refers to a smaller-than-average collection of clothing that can be mixed and matched in a variety of ways to create seemingly endless outfits.

If clothing is plaguing your life, the capsule wardrobe is the answer to your prayers, and something you simply must create for yourself.

Choose a Base Color

Before beginning your capsule wardrobe collection, you’ll need to choose a base color. This is the color that all of your outfits will revolve around and should be fairly neutral. For this reason, brown, black, and navy blue are the most commonly chosen base colors.

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Make a List

With a base color in mind, you can start a list of items that must be included in your wardrobe. When making your list, it is important to stick to the basics and choose only items that can be mixed and matched. The idea is to minimize your clothing as much as possible by ensuring every item you own can be matched with any other item in your closet, making it possible to own just a few of each item and still create a number of different outfits.

The base color helps tremendously with this effort, and should be what all of your decisions revolve around.

Sort Through Your Current Clothing

The next step on your capsule wardrobe journey is to sort through the clothing you already have. While you will be getting rid of the vast majority of your current wardrobe, it's likely that there are several items tucked away in your closet or chest-of-drawers that you can use in your improved collection of clothing.

When sorting, you are looking for items that are on your list of must-haves. These items must also match or coordinate with your base color. Additionally, all items you place in the "keep" pile should be things you love. Anything that doesn't meet these requirements can be donated to charity or passed on to a friend.

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Fill It Out

When you've finished sorting through the clothing stored in your wardrobe, a trip to the store is in order. Be sure to stick to the items remaining on your list and choose only quality pieces that 1) match or coordinate with your base color, and 2) offer style, comfort, and durability.

By creating a capsule wardrobe, you can save a ton of space in your RV. Additionally, you will find that this smaller collection of clothing means smaller loads of laundry in your RV and easier decisions when it comes to choosing what to wear. Best of all, you’ll be left with a closet full of items you love, meaning you will always feel comfortable and look fabulous no matter which outfit you pull out.

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