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RV Women: Comradery on the Road

RV Women: Comradery on the Road

Women can do anything! That is why there is a growing number of females taking to the open road in their motorhomes or with their travel trailers in tow, some with their significant others and many on solo adventures. Fortunately, there are several clubs and organizations that cater directly to them. For little to no cost, the following three options provide plenty of events, get-togethers, and information.

RVing Women

“Engage, Explore, Empower”—RVing Women (RVW) was established as a way for women to share camping and RV info, education, and support to members within the U.S., as well as parts of Canada and Mexico. This organization hosts a yearly convention for chapter recognition, rallies, and organized tours. It also schedules regular seminars focused on personal safety, driving skills, and other topics related to RVing, as well as sponsors a website with information and online interaction.

There are also 18-plus RVW chapters based on location or lifestyle. For example, there are chapters dedicated to boondockers, full-timers, and solo RVers, etc. as well as various states and regions. Members may be required to pay additional fees to any chapter they join.

Rallies: National Rallies are often scheduled in the vicinity of a major event, such as the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, the Kentucky Derby, or the Rose Bowl. On the other hand, Chapter Rallies are usually held on weekends and focus on visiting local activities like bird watching in Oregon, sight-seeing, building relationships, and having fun.

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Caravans and Tours: Considered land-based cruises, RVW trips remove the inconvenience of personal planning for the occupants of 10 to 15 RVs. The caravan leader books the events and campgrounds, as well as plots out the routes allowing participants to focus on exploring the landscape and visiting with each other.

Sisters on the Fly

“We have more fun than anyone” is the creed of the largest outdoor women’s group in the U.S. In fact, any woman over the age of 21—whether she has an RV, camper, trailer, or not—can join Sisters on the Fly (SOTF). The membership-based sisterhood has only a handful of whimsical rules for their outings: “No Men, No Kids, Be Nice, Have Fun!” Check out the gallery of trailers on their website.

Events: The 70-dollar yearly membership fee provides access to a variety of member-hosted events and caravans that range from an evening of wine tasting and dancing to a weekend of camping and fishing or a week of hiking and horseback riding, as well as pretty much anything in between. These sometimes require a small fee to cover activity fees and organizational costs. With the assistance of the Hostess Handbook, any SOTF member or group of Sisters can plan an activity and efforts are usually made to keep these affordable for all.

Women RV

This is the newest resource on the list. It’s anticipated that it will expand to include campground reviews and featured articles, etc. At this time, however, Women RV is primarily an RV forum and a great outlet for online interactions and quick Q & A with other travelers.

Chat Room: The Women RV forum chat room is all-inclusive, regardless of age, family-size, marital status, political views, race, religion, rig-style, and experience level. Those who are new to RVing are invited to ask questions; no topic is off-limits. Those who are more experienced are invited to share their knowledge and wisdom with others. The only rules are to be respectful and avoid using language that might be considered offensive by others.

In Conclusion

Although we women can do anything, it’s nice to have a support system of other women who know and understand our experiences. Through these resources, we can ask opinions and advice, share frustrations and accomplishments, meet friends and engage in local, as well as national activities. It can only add to the fun and excitement of our RV adventures.

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