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Making the Bed
RV Techniques: Bed-Making Made Easy

RV Techniques: Bed-Making Made Easy

Why make the bed? You're just going to mess it up again at bedtime… When I was a child, that was my rationalization, and for many adults the chore of making the bed seems like an unnecessary pain in the rear. Personally, I like the idea of slipping into clean (or relatively clean) sheets that haven't been exposed to the dust (and perhaps transient bugs) of the day. Especially in an RV, it seems that making the bed is an essential aspect to keeping a clean and tidy homestead. So, how can you make this vital task easier?

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Changing the Sheets

Depending on your rig—and your bed's placement in it—this can be difficult or nearly impossible. If you have room to at least partially walk around your bed, this part of the chore can be made easier by pulling the mattress away from the wall, window, or headboard. This allows you much more space within which to work.

I usually start with the most difficult corner and work counter-clockwise to put the fitted sheet on. Then I slide the mattress back into position. Next, I put on the flat sheet—tucking at the foot of the bed and the lower part of both sides—and add the pillow cases.

After I launder a set of sheets (we have two sets) I fold the fitted and flat sheets, as well as most of the pillow cases (we use four each) and slide all of them into the last pillowcase. This keeps the entire set together and tidy.

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Blankets, Bed Spreads, and Comforters

This is where I believe less is more. We use one thick blanket for winter and a thinner one for the warmer months. These blankets are super soft and add a pop of color to our bedroom, as well as reflect our tastes. They also make tidying the bed a breeze.

Every morning, I merely need to pull the sheet and blanket back up, smooth them out, and place the pillows at the head. I put the most attractive pillows on top.

Specific Tips for Corner Beds

For many people, having a corner bed is enough to prompt them to trade in their RV for a larger model with a more accommodating bedroom. It is definitely harder to make than a bed that you can easily move around. Here are a few tips that are particularly helpful if you have a corner bed.
  1. If possible, pull the mattress off the bed to put the fitted sheet on.
  2. Consider sewing the foot of the flat sheet to the foot of the fitted sheet, and perhaps even part of the wall side. This creates something similar to a sleeping bag, making it easier to tidy the bed, as well as keep the sheets on.
  3. For that matter, consider using a sleeping bag (or two zipped together) for all your bedding needs.
  4. Install Velcro on the walls surrounding the corner of the bed and on the blanket to keep it conveniently in place.
  5. Forego the flat sheet and just use one blanket.
  6. Make up your bed like a day-bed. Just lay the blanket over it and pile throw pillows along the wall creating a comfortable nook.

Several of these ideas are helpful enough to consider even if you have a more accommodating bed. Basically, make the task as easy as possible while achieving a result you can live with.

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In Conclusion

Like most chores in a motorhome, you need to be creative and make a few compromises. By using one attractive blanket, you fill the roles of both blanket and comforter. By being organized with your sheets and maybe taking the time to attach them, you save yourself time and effort on a daily basis. It doesn't have to be perfect, but making your bed daily lengthens the time between changing and washing the sheets, which in turn decreases how many headaches you have every month. Doesn't that make sense?

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