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RV Mail Forwarding: Get Your Mail Wherever You Are

RV Mail Forwarding: Get Your Mail Wherever You Are

The post office—even though most correspondence and even bill-paying is handled online, the post office is still quite active. Some people genuinely prefer to receive a physical copy of their bank and credit statements and bills. For others, deliveries usually consist of greeting cards and packages. Whether you live in your RV full-time or just travel regularly,
keeping up with your physical mail can be difficult, especially when it has to follow you around. Fortunately, there're several ways you can have your mail forwarded to wherever you are with a bit of information, research, and planning. Most of them aren't even that expensive.

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Online Options

The easiest option is to bypass physical mail altogether by taking all your business to the Internet. It's simple to set up your bank, credit card statement, and bills online. That way you can handle all financial transactions from the convenience of your laptop or tablet. Even if you have a permanent brick or stick home and only travel occasionally, this can be a handy option, as it reduces the amount of physical mail that you have to manage. Of course, this doesn't address any packages or greeting cards that would otherwise be sent via post.

To see all of your mail online, you have two options. The first provide you with the online ability to see the names of all those sending you mail so you can decide if you want a hard copy of any of it. For example, you may not need your water bill, but the birthday card from Aunt Gladys would be nice to have. The second option virtually shows you the actual pieces of mail—such as the image of the card from Aunt Gladys—and then stores them in a digital warehouse for a set period of time.

Popular Postal Forwarding Services

There are several mail forwarding services to choose from. It's best to research each and decide which method, if any, is best for you. These, however, are a few of the most commonly used.

EscapeesRVClub.com is a popular RV club for many reasons, and it offers a variety of perks. Inexpensive postal forwarding is one of many benefits available to its members. Basically, your mail is sent directly to Escapees RV Club where it's packaged and forwarded to any campground where you're staying. It does, however, require membership with the club.

MyRVMail.com is an easy to use option that is available for a small yearly fee. It offers daily mail scanning, online viewing, and physical postal forwarding. They'll even shred your spam. You can get additional discounts on the rates if you have a membership with Good Sam Club or PassPort America.

TravelingMailbox.com offers a couple of options. Through it, you can have the outside of each envelope scanned. Then, you can choose to have the mail opened, scanned, and presented; or you can have it shredded or forwarded.

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Other Easy Postal Options

Although several of the mail forwarding choices provide daily access to your post, using UPS or USPS is easier for some. Plus, they handle packages, as well as letters.

UPS Store offers business and personal mailboxes with a range of services for monthly or yearly fee. Your mail is sent directly to a specific UPS Store, and you receive a text or email when you anything arrives for you. Then it's held in a safe location until you either pick it up or request to have it forwarded for a small fee.

USPS is still a viable option. By paying for and opening a post office box, you have a safe location to receive your letters and packages. Not only will they forward your mail for a small fee, but you can also transfer your "home" post office when you're staying in one area for an extended period.

In Conclusion

Personally, we've experimented with a few different versions. There are so many contemporary alternatives that there's something right for everyone. By doing a bit of research and considering your habits, you're sure to find a great way to stay in touch without crimping your lifestyle. Happy hunting!

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