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RV Friendly Crafts You can do this Weekend

RV Friendly Crafts You can do this Weekend

RVs and crafts just seem to go together. Just about every RVer I know enjoys some type of craft. Even I am a crafty sort now and then. I enjoy doing unusual things with beads (I make some pretty awesome beaded spiders) and dabble in a few other things. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to pursue my craft projects, my writing had kept me busy with both work and personal projects (I just finished my latest book and am working on another).

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However, I do plan to enjoy some downtime at some point and plan to fully utilize it to complete some existing projects and start a few new ones. Naturally I scoured Pinterest for ideas and how-to articles, picking out some that looked fairly doable. I have giggled over my fair share of Pinterest fails articles – and I don’t want to become a statistic. So, I’ve assembled my list of cute, crafty, and pretty easy RV crafts. Perhaps you will be inspired.

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Camper Embroidery Pattern – This pattern of a retro camper is so stinkin’ cute! It looks fairly simply, like it could be a fun weekend project. It is an instant digital download so you don’t have to wait for it to arrive in the mail. Just pay, download, and get started. You’ll have to get your own thread, canvas, needles, and hoop, but that way you can choose the colors that you like.

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Hanging Book Sling – This is presented as a holder for children’s books, but I see many uses. It is so adaptable, you can make it slimmer and deeper to use for magazines or longer for maps and other books. It is pretty low profile so you could install it just about anywhere.

DIY Bleached Shirts – I see so many applications for this technique! This how-to provides instruction on shirts, but you could do this on any type of fabric for table cloths, curtains, wall art, you name it. It looks really easy, inexpensive, and fast.

Camper Tote Bag – This kit includes the fabrics you’ll need for the project as well as the lining, and handles. The result is an adorable 12” X 14” tote (that’s without the handles) that you can take along when you hit the farmer’s market or run into the grocery story to pick up dinner.

Washcloth Travel Pouch – I am not a fancy person. When I travel I use a lot of little zip lock bags. Elegant, I know. These little travel pouches give you a pretty place to stash your toothbrush when you hit the road – or just need an attractive place to stow your stuff.

DIY Activity Book – Traveling with kids can be challenging. They get tired, bored, and cranky pretty quickly so keeping them occupied it a must for the sanity of all involved. You can make this charming activity book with just a few supplies, a couple of hours, and some imagination. Make it your own with ribbons and other decorations – you might even way to use a few of your travel photos.

DIY Doormats – I just love an attractive doormat. There is just something about it that makes your space a little homier. This site is actually a collection of projects with how-to’s for making your own, personalized doormats. I believe that this will be my next crafting adventure.

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So, did you feel inspired by any of these ideas? What craft project will you be working on this weekend?

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