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RV Caravans and Tours

RV Caravans and Tours

What’s better than the perfect vacation? Perhaps it’s the perfect vacation in which someone else took care of planning all of the details, and all you had to do was enjoy yourself. Increasingly, travelers are taking to the open road in a caravan to visit some of the popular—as well as the less obvious—road-trip destinations in the country.

Caravans consist of a group of independent RVers who participate in an organized tour with a professional (or at least experienced) guide called a “wagon master”. Most require a reservation and follow a planned itinerary to an ultimate destination. These can be organized by a professional RV tour company, similar to a travel agency, or an RV club, such as Good Sam or RVing Women.

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Why and How?

There are several things that people report enjoying about joining a caravan rather than touring on their own. First is the convenience. Imagine taking a cruise in your RV without the inconvenience of personally planning it. Rather, the club, company, or caravan leader arranges the entire trip for you and 10 to 15 other motorhomes. They plot out the routes, schedule the events along with sightseeing opportunities, and reserve campgrounds, as well as handle all of the financial transactions.

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Second is being surrounded by other people with similar interests. It provides a venue to make new friends, share stories, and share information pertaining to your motorhome and travel in general. Lastly, there truly is safety in numbers and joining a caravan allows you to explore new locations—in and outside of the U.S.—with a group of fellow travelers.

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There are several convenient ways to engage in these activities. It’s just a matter of finding which works best for you.

Join an RV Club

There are tons of RV and travel trailer clubs that offer member benefits that include reduced prices on tours. These include the following national clubs that any RV owner can join.

Escapees RV Club
Exlorer RV Club
Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA)
Good Sam Club (GSC)
International Camper Club

Plus, there are hundreds of RV brand-specific clubs from Airstream (Airstream Central) to Winnebago (WIT Club), as well as clubs divided by interest. These include singles clubs, family clubs, LGBT clubs, and clubs for women. They also include tours for those who boondock, motorcycle, and for those who prefer to work their way across the country, just to name a few options. Basically, if you identify yourself as part of any particular group, there is nearly a 100% chance that there is an RV caravan club to accommodate you.

Book Through an RV Caravan Company

If you don’t want the yearly fees—or monthly dues and occasional membership obligation—of joining a club, there are several companies with a variety of tours for RVers that range in activity level and price. Several even book tours in Alaska, Canada, and Mexico. Some of the largest include the following:

Adventure Caravans
Alaska RV Trips
Fantasy RV Tours
Roaming RV

Joining a professional tour can help you decide if traveling with a group is something you’re interested in before you commit to a club. If going on caravans is something you plan to do regularly, it might be less expensive to be in a club since most clubs offer many more member benefits, as well.

In Conclusion

Most people consider the freedom to tour the Americas as one of the primary reasons to have an RV. Following a professionally organized caravan removes a lot of the guess work and virtually guarantees an enjoyable and stress-free experience. Whether you become a member of a caravan club like FMCA or join a trip hosted by Fantasy RV Tours, you can expect a vacation like no other.

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