RV Bias: Too Big, Too Small, Too Old, Too Tall

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RV Bias: Too Big, Too Small, Too Old, Too Tall

RV Bias: Too Big, Too Small, Too Old, Too Tall

“We don’t like your kind!”—or that’s what often seems to be implied. It seems like people either love our motorhome or they hate it. The first experience we had with the public after buying our 43-foot coach occurred when we stopped to eat at a Perkins in Minnesota. While we were there, the place enjoyed a surge in business as patrons flooded in to see what celebrity was eating there. (This is what the manager told us.) Unfortunately, many of the other experiences have been less pleasant. Apparently, even those in the RV community seem to sometimes look down on others who prefer a different type of rig than theirs.

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Campground Size Restrictions

It’s common knowledge that many campgrounds—especially older ones—have size restrictions. This is usually because they were built before rigs came in the larger sizes.

Unfortunately, this has created a bit of a biased viewpoint. “If I only require a 25-foot camper, why do you need one so much bigger?” It’s as though they think that those who buy big rigs are frivolous with their money or are trying to show off. We have had more than one camper give us a dirty look as we pull out of the park.

Campground RV Restrictions

Many RV parks have age restrictions of 55-years plus for their occupants. Some, however, also have age restrictions for the rigs that enter the premises. In an effort to maintain an upscale looking establishment, they prohibit motorhomes that are over seven years old…. seven. Additionally, some refuse buses, fifth-wheels, and trailers, only allowing actual motorhomes to park. This is unfortunate, as trailers are often restored into adorable little get-aways.

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It’s my opinion, however, that these rules are primarily in place to keep out what they perceive as “riffraff.” I have seen the restrictions waived on more than one occasion and in more than one park on a case by case basis. If your renovated pull-behind is in good shape—and you’re not planning to stay for the season—they will often let you camp for a while.

How Dare You Take Up Too Much Space?

“I wish I didn’t have to work for a living.” Some people just have issues with motorhomes in general. They see us driving ours and think that we’re rich (we make payments) and either retired or on a lavish vacation (we live in ours fulltime and work from the road). Either way, many people look at us with a mix of envy and disdain.

The sheer size of our coach is enough to irritate other drivers. I understand. With an exterior height of over 13-feet, it’s difficult to see around us. On the other hand, it’s also hard to miss us. In my opinion, that should balance things out.

Even though we are the same size as a semi-truck, we aren’t exactly welcome in their club either and have been the recipients of irritated truckers more than once. I understand. Most drivers follow DOT’s HOS (Department of Transportation hours of service) regulations regarding how long they can travel at a time before stopping. Therefore, they really resent it when they find a motorhome in any of the truck stop parking spots. (Incidentally, we only park at truck stops that advertise RV parking, and only when we must. Plus, we always fuel up or buy something there first.) I’m sure this is why we occasionally get dirty looks when we’ve parked for the night.

In Conclusion

Truthfully, anyone who lives what can be considered an alternate lifestyle is going to be the recipient of someone’s bias. Whether you drive an SUV or an electric car, ride a motorcycle or a bicycle, live in a mansion or a tiny-home, your choice of home or transportation is going to annoy others. So, I say, “let it”! Vive la difference!

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Carrie Todd

Initially, Carrie became a freelance writer, editor, and artist to support herself doing something she loves that also allows her to travel. Living in her Tourmaster coach, she has spent no more than five months in one place since October 2013. This ensures that she gets to experience the constantly changing scenery that accompanies the yearly seasonal changes, as well as meet new people across the country. She has since become a LuLaRoe Independent Fashion Consultant, as well to further this endeavor. In fact, Carrie considers herself fortunate, as most people have to be of retirement age to enjoy the sort of freedom she has, with every day bringing something different.

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