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Refresh Your RV’s Decor for $20 or Less

Refresh Your RV’s Decor for $20 or Less

Are you feeling a little antsy and looking for a change? Maybe it’s the post-holiday crash or the grey sky blues, whatever the case, here are a few quick changes you can make to your RV to refresh, update, or makeover.

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Maps as Wallpaper
Maps make great wallpaper and are a great theme for an RV. You can buy them new at gas stations or Walmart if you want something that looks new (just iron out the creases). However, if you want something with some character, you may opt for older maps and atlases. Poke around at thrift stores and yard sales to find some great, weathered beauties.
What it’ll cost ya: $14 for an atlas and $13 for a wall map. The USGS website has some incredible maps that are sure to impress.

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Change Drawer and Cabinet Pulls
Making a change as small as switching out your drawer and cabinet pulls can really make a difference in your RV. Go with a theme or find some that really reflect your personality. You can poke around Home Depot, but there are some fantastic online stores that have very unique pulls for very reasonable prices. You might find some that you like.
What it’ll cost ya: About $1.50 each is fairly standard (although some can run higher or lower), so if you have 7 drawers and cabinets, that’s around $11. Wayfair has some pretty ones, as does

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Paint the Walls
A new color on the walls can really perk up a room. If you want to make some real changes in your RV, you may want to consider a little paint. Go with a solid color or get creative, adding polka dots, stripes, or other designs. You can also play with a couple of different colors to give your RV some real character.
What it’ll cost ya: A gallon of interior paint with primer will run about $18. Choose colors that open up small spaces and transform your RV.

Make a Couple of Throw Pillows
Some cute throw pillows can wake up tired interiors and let you really make your RV your own personal space. You can choose from solids, designs, with fringe, without, the options are endless. Get several small ones for decoration or some big, comfy ones for a homier feel.
What it’ll cost ya: You can get ready made throw pillows for around $14 dollars. Some places are less expensive; some more. If you are a crafty sort you can make your own. If you aren’t, you can make these cute no set throw pillows. If you want something personal but don’t want to do it yourself, this site personalizes throw pillows (and a bunch of other stuff too).

Get Creative with Storage
Just about any container can be used as storage. Antique suitcases, storage ottomans, crates, baskets, the list goes on and on. Place baskets on tables to catch small items and use decorative boxes on shelves. Your RV may be smaller than a house, but many of the decorating guidelines still apply. Look around and make the most of the space you have. You might surprise yourself.
What it’ll cost ya: It isn’t hard to find inexpensive storage items. Many craft stores have basic boxes, crates, and baskets that you can decorate yourself. You can also check out thrift stores, flea markets, and yard sales, but look out for bed bugs. The last thing you need is to bring those critters into your RV. You can also look online for creative storage solutions.

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What are your favorite quick and cheap RV decor tips?

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