Pregnant on the Road- First Challenges

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Celsey feeling ill, while Corbin looks on
Pregnant on the Road- First Challenges

Pregnant on the Road- First Challenges

The next few days in East Otto State Forest were a blast. We discovered we were right by Zoar Valley and we went to explore. The place felt like nature’s version of a water park. We walked in the deep gorges where a shallow river bank created hundreds of miniature waterfalls and shallow pools to take a dip in. We felt like children as we walked along and hopped from rock to rock with the river growing deeper until the sun started to dip below the horizon. It’s finding unexpected gems like this that we love most about traveling. Sometimes, it’s just best to ditch the plan and go out and see what you find.

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Before leaving East Otto, we drove into Buffalo, NY for our first prenatal appointment. The appointment was awful, we felt judged by our lifestyle choices but we were able to get a dating ultrasound that day. We saw our baby, or the tiny bean version of our future baby, for the first time! It was incredible. They told us we were barely five weeks along and updated our due date to March 7th, which made us feel even more confident in our decision to continue traveling.

Even while feeling more confident, we realized that we were definitely going to run into obstacles and challenges. At the appointment the doctor made us feel like it would be impossible for us to schedule our appointments at different locations. But, we knew that others had done this before and as long as our pregnancy continued to be low-risk and healthy, we felt up to the task of figuring out things the hard way.

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Additionally, morning sickness and fatigue had officially set in. I got carsick almost every time we drove (and we obviously drove ALOT) and my sense of smell made me feel like a superhero. Suddenly smells that had never bothered me were making me nauseous, all the time. Unfortunately, living in a small space means there can be a lot of smells - the worst was the fridge.

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Besides feeling nauseous, I couldn’t believe just how tired I was! There were days where I could have slept all day long, and still I would feel like I hadn’t slept in years. This was especially hard for me while living on the road. Van life is not easy and there are a lot of tasks that need to be done just to go about your normal day. I was lacking the energy to keep up with my responsibilities and Corbin was struggling to get everything done without my help.

But, even with the challenges we were having to deal with being pregnant on the road we were still super happy with this new chapter in our lives. After knowing our official due date we couldn’t wait to share our big news with friends and family. Everyone was so excited for us and it made the pregnancy feel more real now we no longer had to keep the secret to ourselves.

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The next few days in East Otto State Forest were a blast. We discovered we were right by Zoar Valley....

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The next few days in East Otto State Forest were a blast. We discovered we were right by Zoar Valley....

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The next few days in East Otto State Forest were a blast. We discovered we were right by Zoar Valley....
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