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Must Have RV Gifts for 2016

Must Have RV Gifts for 2016

As promised, here are my picks for the must have RV gifts of 2016. Whether you are planning an RV vacation or thinking about going full time in 2017, these RV gadgets and accessories will definitely help you along.

RV Solar Kit
No hook ups, no problem! Use the sun to power your television, AC, and other appliances – without a noisy generator. Solar kits are a totally green way to power your RV. The kits usually run a little cheaper than getting your panels, inverter system, and other components separately. It might be a little pricey, but well worth the cost for the RVer who is out for three or more days at a time.

Portable Reclining Camp Chair
When you are sitting around the fire pit or grilling a couple of steaks, a comfy chair is a necessity. And let’s face it, most camp chairs aren’t that stellar when it comes to comfort. This one, though, has a padded seat, backrest, and adjusts to three different seating positions. The arm rests are adjustable and there is an insulated drink holder – because it wouldn’t be a camp chair without a drink holder, right? It also has a zippered pocket on the back to stash your goodies. I guess I should also note that the steel frame holds up to 300 pounds.

Portable Smoker
I just love smoked meats and this little portable smoker does the job quite well. It folds up so it is a great space saver. It is large enough to smoke an eight-pound turkey breast, but folds up small enough to fit in a briefcase. All you do is unfold it and place it over a heat source: barbeque grill, propane burner, open fire, or gas stove. Then add your meat and enjoy.

Cordless Vacuum
It sounds crazy, but vacuuming was one of the most difficult adjustments when we went full time. I had a nice, large vacuum when we lived in our DC apartment, but in the Vantage not only did we have a dramatic decline in storage space, we had a dramatic decline in move around space as well. This vacuum is cord free and it has a motorized head that cleans not only carpets, but hard floors as well. What I really like is that the bristles extend the full width of the head so you can get good edge cleaning.

Mini RV Washing Machine
This is on my personal wish list. I would love to be able to forego the laundromat. I’ve looked at a lot of these RV washing machines and this one is on Amazon, rating 4.5 start with nearly 500 reviews. It is a small capacity washer; rated for 11 pounds and half that for the spinner dryer, but it would allow you to keep on top of laundry duties or handle little emergencies. It is small: 24.8”X14”X28.35” so it won’t take up a great deal of space.

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RV Dash Cam
The technomad on your list will love this. It’s a very handy piece of equipment, especially for the RVer on the go. It is GPS enabled, HD, and takes still as well as video. Plus, the camera detaches from the holder so you can carry outside the vehicle to take photos and video as well. That would be very helpful if you have an accident or there is a problem with your RV. The unit records information including date and time so you have a timestamped record. This is a very handy little gadget.

Portable Folding Hammock
Hammocks are awesome, but what happens if you can’t find trees close enough? This portable hammock is self-contained with a folding stand that allows you a quick and easy set up and take down. It comes with a carry bag so you can slip it into your backpack when hiking, store in a cabinet in your RV, or stash it in the glove box of your vehicle so that it’s always handy. I am a 6’ tall woman so size is important to me. The length of this hammock is 102” which would easily accommodate me. It is also rated to support about 300 pounds. The only caveat is that it is almost 30 stinking pounds. Oh well, workout and rest in one easy system.

Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio/Flashlight/Cell Phone Charger
This little unit is an AM/FM band radio, flashlight, and mini/micro USB charging station. It is less than 6 inches long and doesn’t even weigh a half a pound so it is totally portable. The really cool part, though, is it’s multi recharge capabilities. You can charge its internal Lithium Ion battery by a hand crank generator, solar power, or USB from your computer. It’s great for storms or times when you power is scarce like boondocking or hiking.

Sea to Summit Pocket Shower
And then there are times when you just need a shower. This kit has your back (literally) when you need a shower but there is no shower to be had. It comes in its own little 3”X6” pouch and is ultralight, weighing in at 4.25 ounces. All you add is water. It will give you a shower that is around 8 minutes, but keep in mind, this is not a house shower, or even an RV shower. It is a portable shower so it might be a little weaker than you’re used to, but it does get the job done.

Propane Camping Stove
Personally, I think everyone should have a camping stove. You never know when it will come in handy. Before we became full timers, we lived in an apartment in DC. During the blizzard of 2010, we lost power and were snowed in. Our little camping stove was a life saver! We were able to cook and it put off some good heat too. This one has the wind block panels and is made for extreme conditions. It has two burners and you can fit a 10-inch pan and a 12-inch pan on the unit at the same time.
So, do you have any cool RV accessories or gadgets that you’d like to add to the list? Post them in the comments!

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