MRV The Buzz Returns From China RV Show

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Tim from MRV The Buzz in China with friends
MRV The Buzz Returns From China RV Show

MRV The Buzz Returns From China RV Show

MRV: The Buzz recently visited China to promote understanding in the outdoors and exchange ideas on RV culture at the biggest RV show in China held in Beijing.

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With the RV industry growing by leaps and bounds in the Far East country as well as here in the United States, the impact of the outdoor and RV lifestyle continues to grow.

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MRV The Buzz Editor-In- Chief Tim Wassberg traveled to China to meet and interview many industry leaders across many aspects of the lifestyle including camping clubs, RV manufacturers, campsite design, RV show management, artisan trailer producers, tiny home contractors and, of course, local RVers.

Trends from the aspects of campground building, DIY functionality, exceptional innovations in architectural design and technology and expanding aspects of community in the RV lifestyle were discussed with exceptional excitement.

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The RV show itself, spanning a large area of land on the edge of Beijing, offered panels, symposiums and discussions on the burgeoning China RV industry as well as exhibition halls for various RV manufacturers and accessory providers.

The main campus was filled with a variety of Chinese RV manufacturers of all shapes and sizes, both motorized and trailered, as well as some international manufacturers showing their newest models to an enthusiastic public crowd as well as local and international trade representatives. Jump o over to MRV: The Buzz to read the first collection of stories from the biggest RV show in China!

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