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MobileRVing Community Creates a Social Media Website!

MobileRVing Community Creates a Social Media Website!

By Brian McGuinn

So, this week I am going to the Lake Conroe / Houston KOA and the first thing that I am going to do is check-in on MRV Connect, and for those of you who have no idea why you should care, let me explain.

My name is Brian McGuinn, and I have been to some really cool campgrounds and some not so cool campgrounds. I admit it, I can be picky, good fishing and space do matter to me. So one day, my buddy said he found an awesome place in Alabama for fishing and according to him, he said that the sites were spaced well. I thought, “SOLD!” I’m going there, and hooking into a large mouth bass on my way back to Florida. Done deal.

So you’re probably saying that’s nice Brian, still don’t care… Hold on, I’m getting there.

Previously, I would go to certain websites and look at reviews from people that I don’t even know, talking about experiences they’ve had at certain places. So I would heavily weigh these reviews because I naively thought and believed everyone has my same tastes in camping experiences. Fast forward, I would go to these highly reviewed places only to be let down because someone else placed a higher value on items that really didn’t matter to me and the things that did, were lacking.

Then I thought about my road friends, particularly Paul. I remembered what Paul said about that place in Alabama. You see, Paul and I know each other. We have similar interests, campground likes and dislikes. Paul has recommended parks to me in the past and he was spot on. I would spend my precious time in places I enjoyed thanks to Paul.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, I thought about Shawn, I mean, I like the guy, but I’m not into the whole busy, family oriented camping experience that he’s into. In fact, if he recommends a park, I go the opposite direction. We still enjoy fishing together, don’t get me wrong, but we just stay in different places. It would still be nice however to know where he’s going to get a fishing report on wherever he is.

So, I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be nice to connect to all of my friends and/or see their park reviews in one place? I realize that half of the time the only way I know where my friends are, is if they call me, or they check-in on Facebook. Heck, it’s even harder to find out where they are on Facebook because between all of the family updates and advertisements, it’s easy to miss out on things. Sometimes I can’t get a hold of my buddies because of spotty cell service too. It would be nice to find my road people and share our experiences so we can enjoy the millions of different gems scattered throughout North America together.

Furthermore, in my opinion, fishing is best enjoyed when competing with someone! Is there anyone that enjoys fishing at the park? How am I supposed to know? Maybe there are fellow travelers like me that want to meet up and have fun. This is where MRV Connect comes in.

MRV Connect is a social platform created by our MobileRVing Community FOR our community. When you sign in, you can begin tracking your travels, sharing videos, links and comments with friends about experiences you’re having on the road. You can meet new people with similar interests, trade stories and more!

So where can you find it? The URL is or you can visit and click on the MRVConnect button at the top left hand side of the home page. If you have already created a user on, you can use that to log in to your MRV Connect account. All you need to do from there is update your interests, pictures, find your friends and check-in to your current park! It’s easy!

There are two ways you can look for friends, either by the username or the radius search. Username is pretty specific so if you’re not entirely sure about the spelling, type in a portion of the name and the search will bring up the closest matches. If you choose to see who may be nearby, the radius search goes out 500 miles! So if you want to meet up, you can send messages to users that have not enabled their privacy settings which allows them to receive your messages.

What’s really cool about MRV Connect is that you can leave reviews and your friends will know how you feel about a certain place without having to scan a million reviews left by people you don’t even know. The POWER OF A FRIENDS OPINION ALWAYS OUTWEIGHS SOMEONE YOU NEVER MET.

With that said, please don’t use MRV Connect to NOT connect with people. The purpose is to build sub communities within our overall community. Sort of like America. We are all Americans and take pride in our heritage, we just might get along better with Southerners or Wild Westerners. You get the point.

A word of caution! It’s new, and actually still in BETA, but we did create a feedback button so you can help us make MRV Connect, the way you want it. This network is for ALL RV and Camping Enthusiasts, no fees, nothing! MRV Connect even has privacy settings that can make you as visible as you want to be.

Our community is not one that force feeds people into your lives. You can choose who you want to connect to, or not connect with. So hook-up with your friends, share road life and enjoy the lifestyle with MRV Connect and find me AT LAKE CONROE if you like to fish!

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