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Laundry on the Go

Laundry on the Go

Traveling in an RV is an amazing experience that I recommend everyone try. We adore living in our little trailer, and wouldn't trade it for the world. That said, there are some challenges that one must face when traveling long term in such a tiny space.

One of those challenges comes in the form of the dirty laundry monster. You see, the dirty laundry monster has a tendency to grow very quickly if not kept under control, and when you live in a small space, it can quickly take over.

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Fortunately, there are a few options for RVers when it comes to washing laundry. Below we will discuss some of those options, and offer tips for each.

Campground Laundry Rooms

This is the option most part-time RVers choose. It’s convenient and doesn’t require a huge up-front investment.

In order to use this option, it is important to always have a couple rolls of quarters on hand, as the laundry rooms do not always have coin machines. Additionally, you’ll want to be prepared to pay a bit more than what you might consider fair. Finally, it is important to realize that most campgrounds only offer a few washers and RVers for everyone to share. Therefore, you may have to wait for a washing machine, and showing up late to remove your laundry is frowned upon.


Laundromats are the option we choose most often. They generally offer more bang for your buck than the campground laundry rooms, and because they have a good number of machines, we rarely have to wait to wash. Additionally, there are almost always staff members nearby to help with any issues we may have with the machines, something that can't always be said of the campground laundry rooms.

The biggest issues we have with using laundromats are the inconvenience of driving somewhere to do laundry and the time spent sitting and waiting for it to finish. That said, we can usually use the time to get some work done, so we don’t mind too much.

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Onboard Washer/Dryer Combo

Many fulltimers, especially those with several kids, find laundry rooms and laundromats to be too expensive and inconvenient for their needs. If a family creates a load of laundry a day, this is totally understandable.

So what do these people do? They buy a washer, of course! That said, a regular washer won’t work in a travel trailer or motorhome. Therefore, these individuals must invest in a machine such as this one. These machines are compact and do double duty by functioning as both a washer and a dryer.

While the upfront cost of one of these appliances is pretty high, it can quickly pay for itself, making it a worthwhile investment for those who do tons of laundry. Therefore, this is a great option for large families with a bit of room to spare.

Washing by Hand

Last, but certainly not least, is the option of handwashing. While I don’t recommend washing all of your clothing by hand, it is a good option to keep in mind should you find yourself in dire need of clean pants. Simply scrub away in your (clean) sink, rinse, wring, and hang to dry.

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Whether you are getting ready to head out on a full-time rving adventure or just looking for a way to handle laundry on your occasional camping trips, I hope this article will help you in tackling the dreaded laundry monster so you can enjoy traveling without worry.

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Chelsea Barron


Chelsea Barron

Chelsea has the amazing opportunity to take part in full-time RV living and traveling with her tiny tribe. She homeschools her five-year-old son as they travel, and takes full advantage of their unique situation by using the entire world as her son’s classroom. A group of total Disney fanatics, Chelsea and her family often find themselves in the Orlando area in order to visit the Disney parks, but they have also visited over 25 of the 50 states with plans to see many more along the way. No matter where her travels take her, Chelsea enjoys riding bikes, gazing at beautiful sunsets, finding new coffee shops, Irish dancing, and sitting around a campfire with her family. Check out her blog Wonder Wherever We Wander.

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