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Keeping the Peace in Tiny Spaces

Keeping the Peace in Tiny Spaces

An RV is a small space but it can seem even smaller when more than one person is living there. There is a bit of an art to living with someone else in a small space. When my husband and I first embarked on our adventure – and once the romance wore off – we found that there were some things we needed to work out. I am a bit of an introvert and enjoy my space from time to time – so does my husband. There were no fireworks or even arguments, but we clearly needed to readjust to a significantly smaller space and figure a few things out so we could both be more comfortable.

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So whether you are RVing with your spouse, a family member, or friend, these tips for keeping the peace in tiny spaces can help.

Discuss Expectations
Before you spend your first night in the RV, discuss what expectations you have for each other. What do you expect the other person to do and what do they expect from you? Who cleans? Cooks? Pays for RV maintenance? Leave some room to modify these expectations as needed.

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Set some Ground Rules
Don’t go overboard, but set some ground rules, or boundaries, to avoid conflict. Decide how chores are divided, work schedules, how guests or parties will be handled, and anything else you can think of that may cause strife. You may find it helpful to write them down but be open to revising as necessary.

Communication is integral to any relationship. It is always a best practice to discuss issues before they blow up. The sooner you can address problems the less likely they are to cause a rift in the relationship. If the other person does something that upsets you, sit down and talk about it in a calm, rational manner without pointing fingers or blaming the other person. By the same token, stay open to the other person approaching you with issues as well. Be prepared to talk things out and work together for a resolution.

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Designate Quiet, Personal Spaces
Everyone needs their own personal space sometimes, even married couples. My husband and I decide together what we will do. Sometimes I go in the bedroom and close the door. Other times he goes in there. This works when there is tension or when you simple need a little space. Just make sure that you are all in agreement and that you avoid making a lot of noise when one person is taking a breather.

Respect Privacy
When more than one person shares a small space some lines may become blurred. Sometimes you will feel that you are literally on top of each other. While you may share some things, each of you should have a certain degree of privacy. Draw some lines and respect each other’s privacy.

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Respect – Period
Respect is important in any relationship. It is even more important when you are sharing a tiny space. Don’t leave messes for the other person to clean up. If you have a pet, take care of it unless you both have agreed to share in the responsibilities. If they work early in the morning, make sure you are quiet at night so they can sleep. Showing a little respect can go a long way in keeping the peace wherever you live.
How do you work out the living arrangements in your RV?

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