Is RV Toilet Paper Really Necessary?

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Is RV Toilet Paper Really Necessary?

Is RV Toilet Paper Really Necessary?

When we first embarked on our RV adventure, we never dreamed that one of the most burning questions that would plague us is “what kind of toilet paper should we use?”

After several brand trials, we’ve found a few favorites and, guess what, you don’t have to suffer through roll after roll of John Wayne TP that is more punishment than functional. The last thing you want, though, is to use a toilet paper that will cause problems in your black tank. Trust me, you do not want that – we’ve been there.

Read all about the ugly truth here: It’s a Dirty Job…RV Waste Tank Survival

What makes RV toilet paper so special?
Toilet paper that is made for RV or marine use, breaks down much faster than the toilet paper that you use in your home. It doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or abrasive, but it does have to break down quickly. Regular toilet paper can wind up sitting in the bottom of your black tank which means it holds the odor and can attract moth flies and other insects. Trust me, this is not what you want going on in your RV.

That isn’t all that can happen with the wrong toilet paper though. Oh, no, it gets way better. If the wads of intact paper become lodged in the hose leading to the septic system, it can cause a backup and prevent the waste from moving into the septic system efficiently. This too can lead to that awful smell, insects, and a clogged black tank. That is a whole world of trouble that you never want to experience – I promise you.

There are lots of Easy RV Repairs you can handle, but this is one best avoided!

Toilet paper brands that work well for RVs
I’ve read lots of forums and many RVers say Angel Soft is great. I have not found that to be true, but if you’re really attached to your TP then go ahead and do the TP test (see below) to find out for yourself.

We prefer Aqua Soft 2 ply by Thetford. It’s soft, it breaks down well, and if I close my eyes I can almost believe that it is regular TP. Thetford also has a 1 ply RV/Marine Toilet Tissue that is pretty good. We have not tried Dometic’s Ultra Enviro Soft but it looks promising. I hear great things about it plus it’s environmentally responsible. The last toilet paper that many RVers say is great is Scott’s Rapid Dissolve Toilet Tissue. Try one, try them all, then find your brand. After all, it’s a very personal choice.

Find the best with the TP test.
The TP test is easy and takes just a few minutes – but it can save you a lot of headaches. Fill an empty jar or glass with water straight out of the tap. Put a couple of sheets of your toilet paper in the water. Now watch. After just a few minutes, maybe 3 to 5 minutes, the paper should start to break down. You should be able to see it start to fall apart. Some people say to shake the jar but I don’t do that. I prefer to simulate the process the toilet paper will go through and I don’t believe it is going to be shaken vigorously. But that’s just me.

You meet so many wonderful people on the road! You’ll run across RVers who claim they have used regular toilet paper without problem since the beginning of time. That is all well and good, but I have one question for you. Do you really want to find out the hard (very hard, disgusting, and smelly) way that your toilet paper isn’t good for your RV?
I didn’t think so.

Now I pose this burning question to you. What brand of toilet paper do you use in your RV?

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