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Girl reading positive Pregnancy test
Huge Life Change- Pregnant on the Road

Huge Life Change- Pregnant on the Road

Our new life on the road had led to some of our greatest adventures, but we had no idea we were about to embark on an even bigger one. After leaving Duluth, MN, Corbin and I made our way over to Milwaukee, WI where we learned some very exciting news.

I had been experiencing some symptoms during the past couple of weeks that made me suspect something, but I pushed it off as being too sensitive. One major red flag was that I was exhausted. All. The. Time. This was especially unusual for me, as I’m normally a person with extra energy and drive to get out and about. But, I assumed this level of tiredness was the result of adjusting to our new lifestyle of traveling all the time.

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But, I finally listened to the nagging of my intuition and took a pregnancy test, somehow already knowing that it would be positive. Sure, enough it most definitely was. A wave of emotions washed over us as we looked at that positive sign. Excitement, anxiety, happiness, fear, and disbelief were somehow melting together and being felt all at once.

This pregnancy wasn’t exactly planned, but it wasn’t exactly unplanned either. Corbin and I had been planning on trying to conceive near the end of our great vanlife adventure, so about 5 or 6 months down the road. I was currently trying to prepare my body for pregnancy by taking prenatal vitamins and eating foods recommended for increased fertility. Also, we weren’t exactly trying not to get pregnant- if you get my drift. So, nature is as nature does and we happened to conceive a few months earlier than expected.

But, after the initial shock and excitement settled, the overall question was: Now what?

First, we had the pregnancy confirmed at a nearby clinic. Next, we had to decide how this would change our trip. We were halfway across the country from the city we call home. Did we throw in the towel, turn around, and go settle down and spend the next 8 months or so preparing for this baby in the traditional way? Or, did we continue on with this adventure and just bring the little growing peanut along for the ride?

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Being the people we are, we decided to opt for the second option. Project vanlife was to continue, at least as long as everything went as planned and the pregnancy was normal and healthy. We could always turn around and book it back to the west coast.

With this decided, we then struggled to set up a prenatal appointment at an upcoming location. It took a few calls as no one wanted to see us if we were not planning on staying through the entire pregnancy, but eventually we got one booked.

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We slowly started to adjust to this huge new change in our life. It was magical really, we realized by the time this baby is born, he or she will have travelled thousands of miles coast to coast and then some. Our baby will be our little wanderer.

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