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How to Replace Your RV Shower Parts

How to Replace Your RV Shower Parts

A nice, hot shower—whether it's how you begin each day or how you end it, a good dowsing is likely something you depend upon. In fact, for many outdoor enthusiasts, it's one of the primary aspects—along with kitchen appliances, running water, and a warm, cozy bed—that caused them to graduate from a tent to an RV to begin with.
If yours has ceased working, doesn't function as well as you'd like, or is merely in need of an update, many of its elements are easy to replace. A few of the most common replacement parts are the shower head, hoses, and fixtures. Even those inexperienced in plumbing will have little trouble making these improvements.

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Shower Head

Typical RV shower heads use less water than their in-home counterparts, but that means that they have lower pressure than is preferable. That's why many people choose to replace them with a contemporary, higher-pressure head that allows for a superior showering experience while still minimizing water use.

Whether your shower head is old looking, has been leaking, or needs more pressure, you might be ready for an upgrade. Luckily, this is the easiest fix, since you can just unscrew the existing head and screw the new one in its place.

Shower Wand and Hose

Whether for the environment or to increase the amount of time between fresh water fills, many campers consider RV shower hoses and handheld wands to be an integral part of their water conservation efforts. Typically, a standard RV shower hose is plastic—which is less expensive—or stainless steel—which lasts longer—attached to a plastic or stainless steel, handheld sprayer. Most replacement kits are complete with the shower head, several feet of hose, install equipment, and any additional amenities like a shutoff valve so you don't waste water while showering, etc.

To replace the ensemble, merely remove the old holder and attach the new holder in the same place. To minimize rusting, put a bead of silicone around the holder to prevent leaking. Then, assemble the shower head parts with the provided directions. Add some Teflon tape to the joints. Turn on the water and test for leaks.

Fixtures and Hoses
With your RV shower fixtures, the two main concerns are function and form. In other words, how does it work and how does it look? It's best to turn off the water pump before beginning. Then, drain any water already in the system by turning on both the hot and cold water in the shower.

Remove the faucet and mounting plate, which are usually screwed in. Then, access the water lines. Many RVs are manufactured with a removable panel behind the shower to make it easier to access the plumbing. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case and you may have to get to it from the basement storage area. Use a wrench to separate the faucet from the water lines. Make sure to keep track of which line is hot and which is cold.

Connect the lines to the new faucet, screw it in, and place a bead of silicone rubber sealant around the seams. Turn on the water and tested it out.

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In Conclusion

You can keep costs down by searching online rather than scouring through the accessories at your nearest RV supply store. With a bit of time and effort, you can transform your standard RV shower into a veritable oasis on wheels. Of course, if you have a more serious plumbing issue, please contact an RV service professional.

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