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Ed and Teresa with Friends
Here We Go Again…On the Road!

Here We Go Again…On the Road!

After months of enjoying family and friends from Hilton Head Island to Florida to Tennessee, we are back on the road working with our RV Resorts in the Southeast US. This is our “big” run as we will be busy with our RV properties July through November, covering thirty-seven RV properties and close to 3,000 miles along the way.

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Our motorcoach and tow car resting at our site 200 at HHI Motorcoach Resort.

Teresa and I are blessed to have found a part-time gig in our retirement from our corporate jobs. Southeast Publications (SEPI) offers us the opportunity to travel in our motorhome, save on our travel and lodging expenses, meet some incredible people while making some pocket money along the way.
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When we left our corporate careers, we realized we needed something to keep me busy as I came from a schedule of 80 hours a week filled with work, community organizations, civic groups, church and family. I still save time each year for church events, like leading music at VBS but who wouldn’t with kids like this:

Leading music at VBS

This is not new. For more than 30 years, SEPI has helped RVers travel across the US and Canada, working their desired schedules, cutting their expenses and making money along the way.

What we found in SEPI was something made for our skill sets. As we travel to RV properties, we help connect the local businesses to the thousands of RV guests visiting the property. We do this with a Guest Guide program we produce at no charge to the RV property. Most RV properties utilize a folded Guide where one side is the property’s site map and other pertinent information for the RV guest. The other side is a regional map with local businesses supporting the local RV property and hoping to connect with the visitors. Some RV properties choose to use a booklet form but again, with a site map and regional map included. We also provide large vinyl banners of both sides of the Guide for the RV property to display in prominent locations. Beyond the printed materials, the RV property is listed on Southeast Publications’ internet RVer search engine, With hundreds of thousands of visitors each month, offers RVers the opportunity to search for the best RV property along their route. All of this is free to the RV property, thanks to the support of the local businesses.

Many of the wonderful reps in the Southeast family travel year round, stopping at one RV property for two weeks, working with the local businesses, wrapping up the job and then moving onto the next job. We sometimes catch up with each other on the road. We recently met with two SEPI teams, Bob and Kathleen Jourdain, Carolyn and Mike Johnson, in Linville, NC.

Lunch with our fellow SEPI reps, background, Carolyn and Mike Johnson with Jim Kathleen Jourdain in front of them.

So what is so neat about this routine for us? Besides that we love to travel in our motorhome, we realized we could do more work in less time by working with multiple parks in certain markets. We work part-time from July-November to generate tremendous numbers. Five months work versus ten to twelve. This strategy has helped us rise in the SEPI family to Most Outstanding Marketing Consultants for 2016, or the top revenue generating team for that year.

March 2017 NATC Presentation for Most Outstanding Marketing Consultants for 2016. SEPI GM Jim Kamidoi, VP Sales Carlene Morris, President Kim Warrick and next to me, Business Development Director Brian McGuinn.

We could not have done this without the support of so many from those in the home office of SEPI, our RV properties and our many business partners. So, each July for the last four years, we have started our big run with multiple parks in markets across our home State of Tennessee.

We start with our friends in Crossville before moving onto the tourist destination of the Great Smoky Mountain region (Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, Sevierville, Dandridge, Townsend and Walland) and our largest amount of RV properties. We crisscross the State to work multiple parks in Nashville before running up to Cape May, New Jersey. By the time we get back to Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort in November for the Mid-Annual Owners’ Week, we will have worked with thirty-seven (37) RV properties. Along the way, we will help our RV property partners with their Guest Guide needs, help with strategic marketing issues (a side item we like to do), see many old business friends, make some new friends and meet many wonderful RVers as we travel.

The stays are complimentary for our work with the RV properties. Working multiple jobs means the stronger RV properties help the smaller properties which could be difficult to market alone. We have been able to help our RV properties in their business plans, help them grow stronger which makes the entire process better for all involved. We helped one RV property double their business after doing a SWOT analysis with them. That is a great felling to know you helped a small, family owned business prosper. Doing all this, we are able to generate significant revenue to cover the Guest Guide program and finally, commission for us. A win-win-win-win-win…you get the idea.

The RV property receives all the benefits of the Guest Guide program. Win. The RVer gets information they need from a site map, TV channels, regional businesses they might need. Win. Businesses have the opportunity to connect with the RV guest as their information is handed directly to the guest as they register. Win. We have the opportunity to travel in our motorhome. Win. We receive a complimentary site for our work with the RV property. Win. We make good money thanks to all involved. Win.
But even better are the memories of the places we visit, the things we do during this busy time on the road. We like to go white water rafting with Rafting in the Smokies, the best there is in the region.

Our most recent white water trip with Rafting in the Smokies

We love to see the impressive history of our country, live and in person like the Cumberland Homesteads from the Great Depression.

Best part though, has to be spending time with family and friends as we visit these different areas.

In the end, this new journey in our lives has been more than we could have expected. So, while we are hitting the road for our big run each year, we do it wondering what incredible memories we will make, old friends we will see, new friends we will make, all as we travel in our motorhome with our two four-legged kids, Alli and Noah. Yes, life is good and He is always Great. Safe travels all. The Herberts are…Lovin’ the Lifestyle!

Noah, Teresa, Ed and Alli – Lovin’ the Lifestyle!

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Ed & Teresa Herbert


Ed & Teresa Herbert

RVing since 2009, Ed and Teresa Herbert hit the road in 2013 after retiring from their corporate jobs in the large healthcare system that brought them together, he a VP and she an RN. They married on 3/8/03. They celebrate Monthiversaries so ask them how many months they’ve been married. They know! Between them, they have three adult children, two are married, two grandchildren with two toy poodles, Alli & Noah, which travel with them.Besides RVing, they love pickelball, biking, history, working out, and Ed sings professionally. Teresa earned her NHRA license after enjoying NASCAR Schools twice. She drives the motorhome 50% of the time and always encourages women to drive their RV.

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