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Halloween on the Road

Halloween on the Road

I love holidays…even those that not everyone considers a holiday like Groundhog’s Day, etc. So, obviously, I get really jazzed around Halloween (and Christmas). When you live in an RV, you don’t have the room for a Griswold-sized Christmas or for an all-out spooky house and yard display for Halloween. Fortunately, full-time RVers (and those who love holidays) tend to think outside the box making this time of year particularly interesting.

Although this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, here are a few safe options and ideas for RVers who want to celebrate with the kids while staying in a campground or RV Resort. Keep an open mind!

Easy Decorations

The first step in taking your holiday on the road is to set the proper mood. There are many ways to decorate your space that are inexpensive and most importantly (in an RV) unbreakable. We utilize string lights inside and tube LED lights outside. They add mood and take up very little space. Then, we add seasonal window clings of leaves pumpkins, and a few ghosts, etc. for fun.

Lastly, we switch our welcome mat for a Halloween one and put out a couple of lighted displays in the windows. In fact, the lighted displays are the only things that take much effort to protect during the off-season, so we chose them carefully.

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Halloween Party

If you are staying near family or friends, or in an RV park for a lengthy stay, you can probably host a Halloween party. This is actually where you have an advantage over some of your other friends. Most people don’t have a fire ring right outside their door. With some hotdogs and S’mores ingredients, you can have a really easy Halloween party. Just add some spooky music (I like Pandora’s Spooky Symphonies station.) or show a scary movie.

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Trick or Treat Sign-up

If you have children, check at the front desk. Does your campground promote Halloween? Perhaps they have a party at the clubhouse. If not, ask if you can post a “trick or treat” sign-up sheet so parents know who is participating and their site number. Many campers would love to have a couple of holiday visitors. Unfortunately, if it isn’t promoted, the chance of trick or treaters is extremely slim.

If your campground chooses not to promote or participate in the festivities, it would be best to take the tykes into town and visit safe locations like nursing homes, hospitals, and restaurants to get their candy-fix.

Safety Tips

Whatever the scenario, there are several things to keep in mind on All Hollow’s Eve to enjoy the holiday safely in an RV park.

  1. Plan ahead.

  2. If traveling, arrive before dark to avoid the increased foot traffic.

  3. Light your exteriors either with rope lights or at least your entrance light to ensure the safety of anyone approaching or walking by.

  4. Escort children and bring a good light source.

  5. Observe traditional campground etiquette, (don’t walk through campsites, don’t knock if there isn’t a light on, finish the evening before the posted quiet time, etc.).

This way, Halloween is fun for you, as well as everyone else.

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In Conclusion

My best advice is to discuss the options with whoever is in charge of the campground. They might have specific regulations that they enforce. If they don’t, and you have children that want to make the most of the holiday, discuss their options. If you don’t have children but want trick or treaters, get to know your neighbors!

We’ve stayed at two different RV parks for Halloween and people don’t typically visit those they don’t know. (Can you blame them? We always had candy just in case.) Because it is an atypical environment, communication before the event is the only way to ensure everyone is on the same page. Regardless of how you choose to celebrate your harvest holiday, I hope you have a happy one!

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