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Great RV Jobs Looking for People

Great RV Jobs Looking for People

I am about to tell you about some RV jobs anyone can work. Jobs that are part-time but offer tremendous opportunities for cutting your expenses while you RV around the country. Even better, they offer generous compensations which improve your quality of life on the road. The first opportunity is one my wife and I know very well now.

As Teresa and I travel in our motorhome, we help RV resorts develop their annual Guest Guides which are handed out to their visitors as they register. We have been fortunate to work with the industry leader, Southeast Publications, to provide a print and digital Guest Guide program for our RV partners in Florida, New Jersey, South Carolina and Tennessee.

To do this, we travel to RV resorts in those states. We stay for two weeks in the area while meeting local businesses to sell advertising panels in the respective Guides. We love meeting the local business people, getting to know the region very well. Once we make production costs, we receive a 65/35 split with Southeast. For the last few years, that has translated into great savings as the site at the resort is complimentary while you work for the RV resort. Plus, we have been able to generate a very generous commission which means we are not dipping into our savings.
Overall, we have truly enjoyed this part time opportunity for RVers who excel in relationship selling (and computer skills make it that much easier day to day).

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This type of RV job with ad sales is not for everyone. Some people might not like hearing “no” from more businesses than they hear “yes.” That is the world of ad sales. But this program is a game changer for the RV resorts and their local communities as we connect the visiting RVers at the resort to the local businesses, helping keep the tourism dollars in the area.

Another type of RV job is called “work kamping”. There are various levels of duties in this arena. Some work the RVer 40 hours a week with a lot of duties and in return, the RV couple receive their site and hookups free of charge. The amount of duties can be overwhelming and many of these parks have trouble filling the positions. Imagine that.

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Another type of RV work kamping opportunity is out there and, after you hear about the duties, will find it hard to believe but these resorts are also having a tough time filling the positions.

Imagine a job where you work two or three days a week. Two or three days a week while living in your RV – trailer, fifth wheel or motorized unit. You get your site, some cash and other amenities in exchange for your two or three days. This really exists and yes, the resorts are having a tough time filling the positions.

One resort we know well, highly rated by the Gulf of Mexico in Florida, offers this arrangement for RV work kampers; If you work two days a week, you receive a free site, your hookups and laundry at no charge. For the three days you receive the above and $600 a month. Duties can range from front office support (most of the time the women are in house) to escorting RVs to their sites and, sometimes, light maintenance. But all in a two or three day a week shift. All the while you are staying in a beautiful, quiet RV setting near the Gulf of Mexico in Florida.

The second opportunity is with one of the top motorcoach resorts in the country, a Paradise setting, 10-10-10 rated in the Southeast US, where they offer the couple a two day a week opportunity. The woman works in the office for $10 an hour for two days or $180 a week. The man drives the golf cart escorting the renters to their sites, blows off the sites where someone is coming that day and checks out sites after the renters leave. TO sum it up again, for these duties, the couple receives the money ($180 per week) from the office support and a free site with all of the resort amenities. We have seen the work kampers work together to combine schedules. That is to say, we might ask another work kamping couple to work our shift next week. That means we have a week off to travel or have a week off for visiting family/friends. The next week, we would work four days and that couple gets a week off. All while we stay in a Paradise setting, motorcoach resort.

Six months or longer in a beautiful RV resort. Free site, free hookups, some with money on top of all that. Here’s the incredible part: these beautiful, top rated RV resorts in Paradise settings are having trouble finding people for the job(s). Seriously.

If you would like to know more about either of these RV lifestyle opportunities – Guest Guide sales or Work Kamping in some beautiful RV resorts – feel free to message me on Facebook (SoutheastEdandTeresa) or email us at If you are dreaming about living the RV lifestyle, you can make that dream a reality. Join us on the road where we are Lovin’ the Lifestyle!

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Ed & Teresa Herbert


Ed & Teresa Herbert

RVing since 2009, Ed and Teresa Herbert hit the road in 2013 after retiring from their corporate jobs in the large healthcare system that brought them together, he a VP and she an RN. They married on 3/8/03. They celebrate Monthiversaries so ask them how many months they’ve been married. They know! Between them, they have three adult children, two are married, two grandchildren with two toy poodles, Alli & Noah, which travel with them.Besides RVing, they love pickelball, biking, history, working out, and Ed sings professionally. Teresa earned her NHRA license after enjoying NASCAR Schools twice. She drives the motorhome 50% of the time and always encourages women to drive their RV.

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