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Full Time RVing with Kids

Full Time RVing with Kids

Full time RV’ing can be the adventure of a lifetime for a family. Traveling with kids, especially, opens up a whole new world. Imagine the things you can see and learn while traveling full time.
Here are some things to consider if you are full time RV’ing with kids:

  • Every family’s needs will be different depending on the age of the kids, and those needs will change as the kids get older.

  • Think about how much space each child will need to feel comfortable.

  • Downsize. This is tough for a kid, but they, too, can learn to live with less.

  • Full time RV’ing might seem mostly suited for families with pre-school age kids. But many families on the road homeschool with great success.

  • If you do have school age children, consider homeschool programs carefully. How involved do you want to be in their day-to-day education? If you are a hands-on teacher, you can design your own curriculum. If not, there are dozens of online programs. Some states even offer free virtual schools that give credit just like the student was going to a brick and mortar school everyday.

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  • Is your family dedicated to sports, hobbies or other activities? If you have a serious athlete, dancer or other talented child in the family, you’ll have to look at ways to keep up with their skills while on the road. The same is true of any academic whiz kids in your family, too.

  • On the other hand, sports and hobbies are great ways to stay entertained while traveling with kids.

  • Internet while full time RV’ing can be a challenge. Not all campgrounds have wifi, and those that do often have spotty service. Many full time families rely on cellular data plans to get online. Make sure you do your research on how much data you will use and how much it will cost, especially if you rely on the internet for school or work.

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  • Get the kids involved in planning. Have them look at a map and circle the places they’d like to visit. When you are going to a new city or state, have them do some research ahead of time on what to see and do, what’s unique about the area, and some of the history of the area.

  • There will be rainy days when you all get cabin fever.

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There will be times when the kids fight, or the RV floors are covered in muddy footsteps. But that’s OK. Full time RV’ing isn’t about fretting over the little things. It’s about experiencing the big things. Have fun out there!

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Jan Childs


Jan Childs

Jan Wesner Childs is a professional writer who travels full time in a fifth wheel bunkhouse with her husband, 12-year-old daughter, 15-year-old son and a cat named Chuey. She’s also a military spouse whose husband recently retired from the Army. They’ve spent the past 26 years living and traveling throughout Asia, Europe and Canada. Now they are rediscovering the U.S. and teaching their kids what it’s like to be American. She’ll be sharing her DIY tips and advice for full time RV’ing as a family. You can also follow their journey on her personal blog at beyondthegidedcage.com.

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