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Remus and Samson
Full-time RVing with Dogs

Full-time RVing with Dogs

First, let me introduce our pups.

Remus is our, almost, 6 year old Boston Terrier. He loves nothing more than sunbathing and eating.

Samson is our feisty rescue pup who loves nothing more than playing ball. He will chase that thing all day if you let him. He will also try and bite you if you take his ball away. Yeah… we are working on it.

When we decided to hit the road we of course had to stop and think how it would affect our spoiled pups. Part of the reason we chose a motorhome over a fifth wheel was because Remus hates riding in the car. We thought he might adjust to all the time on the road better if he could lay in his bed comfortably. It ended up being the right decision. We keep their bed between our seats and they just sleep in it during our driving days.

Samson and Remus tend to go to the vet more than we go to the doctor. Seriously, we haven’t even been to the doctor since we started travelling. When we first got Remus we found out he had a heart problem and a joint problem. He was only a couple weeks old. Then, with Samson we found out after we rescued him that he had heartworms (treatments were successful and he is fine now).

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We have had to take the dogs to the vet in quite a lot of places as we have traveled. Samson got Poison Oak while we were in New Market, VA and had a stomach problem in Springfield, MO. Remus has also had his fair share of rashes and stomach infections. We also took them to the vet or to get annual shots in Santa Fe, NM, Kerrville, TX and Houston, TX. We normally just do google searches for vets in the area and look at Yelp. Every place we have gone so far has been great.

A lot of the places we have stayed in the past year have had dog parks or dog runs. I think our dogs get out more than they did before when we lived in an apartment. As far as getting their food, treats and etc. while travelling we normally order everything from Amazon (helps when you are moving slow) or find a Petco or Petsmart in the area. We keep their food in a large 25 lb. pet food container and some of their treats in mason jars.

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We have had some issues with parks not having great designated areas to walk your dog to relieve themselves like the one in New Market, VA where Samson got poison oak. Or some don’t have good lighting at night which sucks. But for the most part we haven’t had too many issues.

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We go to a lot of National Parks and just leave them at home because they aren’t allowed on most of the hiking trails. We don’t currently do much boon docking (no hook ups) and I feel if we did it would make it harder to leave them at home since you can’t leave the A/C or heater on for them. Some people have a hard time leaving their dogs alone because they bark a lot while they are gone. Luckily, ours are pretty quiet so we haven’t had any complaints about them barking. Then, we always get to come home to our adorable welcoming committee. I’m pretty sure the dogs are enjoying RV life just as much as we are. Do you travel with dogs or other pets? How do you feel it has been for them and you?

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First, let me introduce our pups. Remus is our, almost, 6 year old Boston Terrier. He loves nothing....
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We are Rachel and Chris Baumann of It’s a Wanderful RV Life. We are both from Houston, TX, which is where we met. Chris currently manages and develops custom software for the company he has worked for since 2009, but he is an artist at heart. Rachel spent 10 years in the insurance industry but now has a crochet business and sells her creations on Etsy. Never the traditionalists, we married in Vegas on 10/10/10 and celebrated with a Halloween themed wedding reception. Wanting more than just the normal 9 to 5 jobs, we decided to sell most of our belongings and travel the U.S. with our two dogs, Remus and Samson. Our rig is a 35’ Fleetwood Bounder named Lucy. Now, we find ourselves traveling from state to state, visiting our nation’s National Parks, meeting new people, eating tasty food and checking out local craft brews and wineries. We love sharing our journey in hopes of inspiring others to do the same.

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