Finding Stability in a Nomadic Lifestyle – Part 2

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Finding Stability in a Nomadic Lifestyle – Part 2

Finding Stability in a Nomadic Lifestyle – Part 2

This is the second part of my post on finding stability when you live on the road. There are actually a lot of little things you can do like putting money into savings each month or setting goals. Many times, it depends on the person. What one person may find grounding another may see no value in it at all. You have to find your balance, your methods of keeping your feet on the ground.

Plant a garden.
Container gardens are pretty hot right now and they are great for the RVer because you can just pick up your garden and take it with you. Of course, you need to keep it small, a few potted veggies or herbs should do the trick, but if you have the ability to transport them without much drama, then go for it. That way you can enjoy the grounding activity of tending your garden wherever you are.

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Write a letter.
I am not talking about an email, but a real, honest to goodness letter with a stamp and everything. Write it, address it, and put it in the mail. It can be a notecard to your parents, a heartfelt letter to your grown daughter, it doesn’t really matter, just do it. There is something cathartic about returning to the basics, getting to your roots, and you can’t get much more basic than writing a letter, by hand, with a real pen and everything.

Keep a blog or journal.
Keeping a blog or journal is a great way to work out things that happen in your life. They can be public or private and with a blog, many platforms allow you to control who can see your posts. If you have family that is scattered, a blog can be a great way for them to follow you in your life and stay in touch with you. You can post photos and video, talk about the areas you visit and even talk about life on the road. Who knows, at some point you may choose to compile your posts and create a book. There are people who have done quite well selling their travel photos and journal posts.

Keep in touch.
As you travel, don’t forget to stay in touch with your friends and family. Technology is so amazing, you don’t have to be sitting in the same room with someone to look them in the eye and talk to them. There are many programs that allow you to video chat with your loved ones, Facebook has a feature that my daughter and I use. Don’t let the miles keep you from the people that you love. Take some time to call or video chat and stay connected. That is one of the most stabilizing things you can do for yourself.

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Keep your faith.
To be honest, this was a major concern for my husband and me. Our faith has always been very important to us and going to church was a part of that. However, it is hard to be a part of a congregation if you are moving around. There are several ways to handle that. You can visit churches in the area where you are staying, or you can find a church that broadcasts their services and watch them online. Or you can do what we do and have church yourself. We were both teachers in our old church and we both study so we sing, pray together, discuss scripture, and watch videos of teachers online. We have found that we’ve both grown spiritually since we started this, but you have to do what works for you.

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What are some ways that you find stability in your nomadic lifestyle? Do you have any thoughts on what I’ve shared here? I’d love to hear from you!

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